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To ryegrass service performance coach's clients include pro athletes in Olympic gold medallists Brian shared the stage occasions now the passengers and I can never disappoint and show his acquittal thinking what all you made it out to the premiere screening of the documentary supercharged in LA this past weekend I decided to thank you and I love the Salisbury fuel closely you can initially see me demonstrate a word using my £75 dog Bailey at the golden puppy spots actually delivers my burden documentary and if you enjoyed watching me started easy television dressed in full by piquancy the new deathly Wallasey this bio hacking documentary called supergiant out of the documentary producer wheedle Q&A session with that we myself and the filmmakers as you people there and it's an onstage children but jacked up from travelling all the place and I could use a back adjustment chiropractor and all borders writer in the audience who is as I stepped off the stage riding you back adjustments was was its latest model Orion can save my life all but you burst out of I also make quite a few members of the family tribe are well Renaud including William all the way from Africa in the past eight months he said was down £70 by following the Wildcats of congratulations Ben was amazing this when he flies back and forth that to Africa for work will also bring hundreds of pounds of grass fed pastured meat friends over at wider passages that serious dedication but you all deserve the best quality food to find and afford sometimes you need to lobby creatives offers any excuse that you give yourself about our discovery junkfood registers diet prices from because that's all that's around know this you can always do my take more creativity and planning but it's always worth it you get started living while my wife Elsa and I created the fabric tried to share outrageously tasty wild recipes that bring workouts in Dunphy meal plans all in one place now with thousands of members from all corners of the globe with their help you 20 4/7 use a seasonal meal plans already and include the highly anticipated wild skillet Peter Smokey of and ribs currently assignable even old-fashioned pumpkin bread and by my very favourite right now to join us for just one dollar for your first month or you have to do is go to fat burning tribe.com from any device including what you're listening on right now the statement that burning tribe.com you go there today the one dollar deal is only the GM to get results you need proven plan to help dialling your nutrition joiner tried everything you need in one place if you have a question one last time come join us@burningtribe.com next charge is stirring soon and I cant wait today with this show with Carrie and Brian you're about to learn how to transform your behavioural one simple 10 minute exercise grow together as a couple simple exercise that character negative bias of your brain why you might choose Chianti instead available what to do about much more is going out during Brian this episode is brought to you by kennel and fire or frantic kennel and fire make delicious bone broth from 100% grass fed organically raised cattle in organic veggies and spices it is to create real box and a solicitor fat burning man you can get a 20% discount to try the bra for yourself just head on over to fat burning man.com/broth to get you discount that that burning man.com/broth base listening and use the shop right folks today I'm thrilled to be with my friends Brian in Kerry Grosso and 18 year veteran of the sports training industry Brian is a performance coach and author of mindset matters most riders close Olympic gold medals and consulted with pro sports teams in the US and Canada either that distinct honour of jamming and improvising on stage with Brian on special occasions with about that later Carrie is a clinical counsellor mindset coach devoted mother performance power lifter data so much to both, shows awesome are suite so since I just read about Brian research with you are in not so long ago you weighed as I understand £280 the depression divorced broke and temporary temporarily homeless and so many of us know feels like to hit rock bottom one way or another but you did yourself and my? Are you a you also a is this sizes all services are missing anything say you are one size while also for was a mindset time to a you are you a to get success you you missing is this why are one of style do you a you so why you are so to's images are or use of your just saying no is your best self should included perfect version of yourself and ready to get started about the underbelly of your negative tendencies right that you need to understand review you can can share them in the right direction you are not just is a so while this is a housewife that got a you saw was a series a you you you think you you like hitting rock bottom how you are a you are a you are a you you are a you you are a you you just you only late as this right now they might be struggling with healthy necessarily know why but did you know that you on any given night they might wind up with their hand in the proverbial predators there is some element of their behaviour that just cannot happens without them even realising how you did a little bit deeper understanding without might be coming from because its sample is not really sugar breeding are a you are you you you are a you are a a you are you are the you to a you are the was a you are so why always a wall you are a you you are you so why are so cool you are a you are a waste a you you you you you are a are a you are you are you you are a you you are a right but it seems that between the superficial every single time zone keeps bubbling up in a different way perhaps break we take a step back and analyse your own behaviour try the ego but you do understand that we are in apelike bodies and we have keep like tendencies were males remonstrate to compare us to the way that other things act like I said without you without a single better than also need to start understand a lot of are suffering comes from or bad behaviour comes from a place of suffering where we want the change and will try that with the cookies with the drugs or with some sort of negative voice like behaviour and keeps happening until we take a step back and realise all this might be part of my nature by when you realise what that is also new can channel that in the something like myself I know that I have a tendency to that sometimes manifests in bad behaviour even violence when I was younger various waste and reasons I really enjoyed self defence but now I'm looking for that seachange and I realise I can do with it with a sprint with a gentle walk outside of my dog in nature with a great conversation or just something to get the length moving which in access the change in the brain and Barney could be supplements could be placed could be great meal with friends and family laughter any of us next it doesn't have to be that thing that you always go to almost like an addiction in your behaviour some awesome examples of something that you may have found that could be positive or negative in your nature is that you've channelled in a good direction gracious site and are you a you are your me a while is a shareware you a stranger a you the range you are so they wall you are in a, it was you should change six foundation falls you recognise for a you are sure you are all occasionally a you in so is a you are a you your should share a change are a you all you are a you will be a positive manifestation of that you expect the right rear exhaust giving too much fun about the way a you you on Hall you are a you you a you you are a you are a you will know you you won a you are a you are you in your sleep sauced and fall into that trap especially mothers right where they give so much that the do feel like not getting enough back then of times themselves you make should be putting the right things into what you said is is your one third of the time that that's for you are the one you are a you are a a a you are a you you you are a you are you are a you you are you a you you you you you are a you are you only because you sure as you the energy you bring is very positive and powerful that you sense of the word by your backhaul there is a tendency no matter how positive you are outside to that that we really let yourself go so speak) just short your negative thinking you're frustrated you communicate that so how you as a couple make sure that your growing together and not Falling apart together going the wrong are a are all goals you say what you are is to foundations are to*you a you are a you are a diverse me a you you you while you are also has a you you are a to transition you are a you are so you you are so busy you to assist she means you are a is a you are so site always relates to each other, seeing you a differential established really to the emotions you feel stay by way she feels things in my so is a piece my PC, dismissing all you are so they are you saw the new dealers advise that you need to wait it shows that you're passionate in the future bodies… But there is a is a good way of going about all that positively onto one thing that constantly seems to happen especially when people have success with body transformation journey giving health back oftentimes the interest isn't equally split between the two girls are the two people double be the woman is really into being healthier something like that all men is and maybe the other one. Join the cult also-there and kicking these relationships can actually fall apart because one person is having success when you look at the relationship will develop winning them either one person's given live at least 10 or 20 years longer maybe they can help the other person role and learn from what the learned in terms of how the evening and Halle the trades but oftentimes that you such a source and an unexpected one of suffering relationships you make sure that at number one do not not directly trying to fix someone else that doesn't work we know that but also make sure that the positive changes that one person makes in a wife doesn't come at the detriment of the relationship you what are the you you you you you you you are you you you are here you are you you you you are ready you you are a you you are you a you are a you are you really you so you you you you are a you are a you for you yes this is a you are you a you are to see you all you you are a you are or a has distinct cases understanding free shipping