Zen Gem no.14 The Secret to Happiness. Can Positive Thinking be the How to be Happy

In a solicitor of fat burning man you can get a 20% discount to try their broth for yourself just head on over to fat burning man.con/broth to give discount that that burning.com/broth takes the listening and who is the shop right folks more Dharma is a high performance health and mindset coach for celebrities entrepreneurs and executives he has a Masters in positive psychology and is a former men's fitness model more than I first met spoken several master my penalty together right here in Austin Texas stuff that you show today marked the, Narnia (three) will really appreciate what courses give you a good one solicited by just cannot unravelling and digging into what is it about health and human performance that really fascinating really started when I was about 13 years old and my group in place, Rochdale England and then I was really into sport rugby player quickly swam play soccer love sports and I was overweight and I have no idea why was overweight and it bothered me know people at school would make fun of me and really like it in one day got home from school aroma grandfather making a comment about the way to my mother times my no school be making fun of me come home my own grandfathers and economy causing making fun of me he was I concerned, way was telling my mum about it our greatest what he was making fun of me so I decided to form an oven figure out how to get healthy so side reading men's health men's fitness magazines doing what he said and I remember the first thing I learned was that water is good for you as I know that I did was reached the Asia drink fruit juice only reacted like the taste of war you always that really matters is supposed to be of the rights or I remember going up the same thing my brothers reside is big things and usages in the as part of our vernacular I can imagine amateurism but anyway, since reproduce the yes is only to be in shape and healthy so it might be sidelining more climb more than the side reading books about fitness then AM started hitting the weights room present at the structured exercise aside to see: when I say drinking the water at least I do see results pretty quickly of the solar electricity is drink water exciting results pretty quick that I was stoked from the bite I was like 1516 owes in awesome shape so I went on to college to severe sport science and physiology our college according to personal training to be honest able I was just very interesting from a selfish point of view about how I could be my best physical picture is one I will outline love reading a replying thing so side selfish pursuit and then later almost I realising your can help other people with this to love you rather the water thing because I have written to that all the time and I think most people don't realise where asthma Georgia people or starting rate you when you're trying to get healthy most people are starting from this place of complete either not being ignorant of the way that works or more often out to be misinformed about how this works or being your understanding propaganda marketing as opposed to actual things with you tag about your drinking water instead of things that are either pure sugar or your obviously terrible for use of those things like that it's incredible the results that that one simple change to making life the first blog post I wrote that went viral was about how her one of my friends in college he was on recruiting and he was gonna get booted off the boat if he didn't lose about £25 within a month and a you know within the world of fitness modelling in a light competitive sports going up and down in weight is not uncommon but he decided to see if he could do it in and was the 25 or maybe £20 by getting rid of all liquid calories and just drinking water and eating normally and I was the only change you made any made way just doing that because you budget a typical diet is especially a college student there is one beer is usually allowed us milk products.that you know may only not be bad in and of themselves something milk is an exemplary from juice to some degree at black with the amount that most people are having at these things just make one tweak drinking water instead every single time for my can make some massive changes what were some other things that that surprised you as you can grew up and entered into a seasoned veteran of birth of training and exercising anda doing high-intensity high intensity exercises for the graph long run to lose body Fat number one running as far as the card along the and then I realised mild-mannered do minutes of high intensity intervals seem to get better results just from doing that and other things that I did was an, drinks unite one side out for breakfast why would he is only an serial is usually Weetabix about five or six Weetabix with milk on shredded wheat is like shredded wheat accepts this it's got sugar in the process of training we sizeable mill over the shredded we and then my mom she had the glucose powder gave you energy bribe was selfish energy-saving support glucose powder over the reader but on the terms of our wouldn't thousand to 2 great when I switch the report to an online egg-based program based and breakfast really really well with the and yellow site doing stone realising that no I was a protein type and came to metabolic type and things I switch switch to more just by having realised he was a period diet is aside shifting toward a period of, citing really great results interesting to because I know especially secured house I was was the chilliest brother and especially the periods.that's the way what's like the food I liked and I do know it some things are drinks of things where is one who must address is just you are but you start to realise as you did that the choices that you make are just that the choices and you can decide to be healthy or not even from a young age and one of the things I think is being lost as many now adults don't know how to prepare the right foods for them they don't know how their genetics will interact with different dietary paradigms in an exercise of things like that won the things that that I wanted with the show in everything we do is connected that simple advice I can get people from a place of you know eating eating shredded wheat with glucose powder over it to denote easy enough switching it for some delicious eggs and bacon may be a bit of edge oxides which you might like that isn't better it doesn't even come down to personal preference as much as like having an Argentinian back pocket Napoleon action and then watching your body and life transforming some of the things people can do® actually maybe the most powerful thing I learn early on and I just fell upon it by chance was actually when I started drinking water and told mine so I think like war and are running in the magazine that is healthy for you to drink water so I was 13 years old myself I said to myself okay for the next two weeks all a drink is water monitoring milk producers are just what and then do anything else different change anything else in my diet change my exercising change my diet not been all I did was two weeks focus on drinking water instead and two weeks was easy actually like the taste of water became a habit and then follow maximum life since then pretty much as only drank water and I fell through that I realise of man being healthy is all about is making habitual choices the point you in the TV to where you want to go into screen having new habits as fell upon in the water habitats style drinking water two weeks after that was easy to think about it all a dos groundwater without even making a conscious choice I want war and then I move onto another habit of moving on atomic clients what I always tell people the story now is focus on one thing you know will make you healthier lose weight when everyone is focus on the one thing focus on that for two weeks are among only do only make one change everything else keep the same control you found was well able the people who want to really transform the body transform how the attempt to do everything all at one and it lasts a week or two completely fall apart many start talking bad about themselves and the use of talkers on the game open hearing totally off the train for a few weeks or maybe months or even years enough garage right to go at it again fallout and then feel the disappointment when it doesn't work for them six is that this is personality based as well for some people it seems like it was tearing at burning off into the lifestyle change my work and sticks with some people but doesn't seem like that many want to really seem to get traction over time I think like you said want to take that one area of focus and then making it an unconscious decision from that point forward right building that habit and then you when I wake up in the morning I not think about it I just kind of like you all week you a lot of time but I'm walking the recovered and grabbing, filling it with water that's just the first thing that I do it doesn't take any willpower or effort in fact it was the Arctic because now I associate with help I feel better after writing that thing were my day and started in less have done yet and so you can build good habits and bad habits and it's not quite as scary and terrifying as most people make it out to be right the idea that even if you don't like water that you would be drinking water for two weeks pretty simple rate it is not necessarily easy a presentence report for some others it was summer examples breakfast we are drinking water height exercise high-intensity exercise other things would be allied to focus on one meal a time with my clients yet to be willing to work you want to transform the dire then we may start with a breakfast rainfall two weeks and all you do is focus on when healthy breakfasts are also unconscious and got into a habit of having said some eggs bacon vigil something by okay what's the next at certain times you feel tired when it time to go to sleep as many many more is more microphone rather than a sprinter and an really having self compassion and giving yourself a break and realising that you are okay I'm make a mistake here and there is fine human long as I keep a focus on it soon enough it can become a habit and move onto the next law change from me yeah so as you grew up you know you started to get a handle on on being physical and can control your body composition when you're in your teens as I did as well, in a similar way that I thought the wagon again when you can switch that world from being a normal person to join the world of fitness miles and people that the elite level what you notice is the most striking different differences there's something they know that other people don't consider simple you know matter of how you lifestyle is giving up the things that you love sacrifices would you notice those a few things so first thing which is this is extremely powerful for anybody who is willing to make a shift whatever it is and that is the identity give yourself identity you give yourself so for example I knew early on I want to be fitness model because I was ready to magazines of the young son help me nine that inspired me to do something about the way exciting work-related wannabe fitness model and then actually gave myself the identity of the fitness model as a liability of fitness model so our fitness model right now fitness modelling training and I saw the world through the lens of a fitness model so I asked myself with fitness modelling this month, needed fitness model work out right now was workout is Christmas Day with a small workout Christmas Day it would workout Christmas Day time and work out the despite a take on the identity of a fitness model. Making those decisions and really encourage anyone maybe is not fitness model movies and actually4 new medium fit – you know Mark two tallies of that you believe it things making decisions are in line with the fact that mom is right so I am one things with fitness models is here with the they just do the habits the right habits more consistently than everyone else and they generally have a plan for everything so you got a training plan in reselling what doing training wise and nutrition plan know exactly what doing nutrition wise and keep everything ticking over a certain level in a pristine okay shape majority time of actually really good shape yet the majority time and then you have a shoe in a week or two that will start doing drastic measures like uncovering water before the shoot. Drinking water will start some of the motoring wine so they look more dehydrated in the morning and themselves more rates if the rule be too heavy before the shoe would not before the beyond the treadmill doing high-level sprints pay your in all sprints in every day until the shoe I remember I would never do this now this is like back one wasn't as as educators am now on optimal health I remember dieting for this one shoe dying for a couple months for London dehydrate myself and have a really hot bath the night before treating water wine the night before some super dehydrated and on the day the shoe having Coca-Cola because the sugars make muscles pop out even more solid amazing but Bell terrible right absolutely terrible most of the time after shooting most fitness models feel terrible they need to rehydrate E Celine*here and Oakley not get sick your your friends members is the first and I can years ago about the world what people were doing to make way or to look great on stage and all that stuff and in what my friends who is perfect is more shape super low body fat when I sample for that we can see is yours like super rare but you could tell his Isa will hollowed out with his sword has gone on the body the other good then after that we can start again and he again at the ghost to is pretty your tour guide the £25 a week and of course most of those in wide awake by reacted to that of the treatment but he said another thing is body cripples race kicks he had a whole bag of rice cakes just like the weirdest, most disgusting food that you would imagine put all the way back on and more and then clarified as heavy then the diary back down the does another shooting on later the UN asked that telcos all year is going from just being starved to little bit too heavy for what he wants but quite readily but yachts and then your dining it back down so what I'd like most people realise about this is number one there are definitely tricks that get people to the other a magazine or for fitness marshes that in real life don't really work like that Coke well in certain circumstances it records depleted and then you you drink a Coke and your low body fat you have muscles that they can go to make you look bigger but still baffling) you and after a while doing it fitness modelling following seven years or so your and and after a while has done is to do this anymore downfield terrible. Terrible and a downright cut calories on purpose and working out extra coin calories feel terrible and feel terrible at the shoe for what one shoe for a couple of hours something right and most realise this isn't good for body this is why I got in to train right into training to make myself feel terrible, while full this is at all leading question but is it easier to come estate that that happy homeostasis of the the amount of effort that it takes to state your maintenance weight compared to being at that super low body fat is no horse right oath 00 now ice is pretty much the same way 11 cup now models down one amenable bearing and trainable bit harder from 104 ball, is more your thing will you worry about using fat because did exactly the right way is a thing so the thrilling question able I used to be the guy who measured all food is a small weighing scale is really high-quality one, put the food on dial in the scale of the food was like chicken breast and all tell me like this amount routine this amount of fat this amount of calories I submit all the food out know exactly how many calories in the addresses it work your cake doing that following a strategic plan hours manipulating my diet carb cycling calories cycling all these things the definitely definitely worked now I think of it now like a type of E 20 principal and to get the last 20% of my physique by doing this carb cycling and monitoring the calories he would get into the last 20% if I'm going to be a percent good which still looks great enough appeal way better feel great irony to do any of that I simply follow a simple praline style diet, lose a bit of body fat the first thing I'll do is increase my M exercise is increasing exercise volume latterly it is increase of exciting volume and either saviour like all I really need to lose a bit more all I would do is reduce my calories a little bit more to me by reduced calories is not measuring it is like okay I just have a fifth of 1/5 less on my plate that it is a little bit less in easily one point that works if all get bigger like right now feel like I'm really beanie and Mike 6 foot two and £220 an hour really beanie in as much as I probably need for the past year have been eating and losing weight on now,, gonna make sure bodies well said even more orders for a fifth 50 more food on every play you will be more open way (some body fat if I do maybe even quantum body fat alive are increasing exercise intensity or just be a little bit less what a way to communicate with clients and everyone and one is listening is becoming really really simple, his skin is upon way more way it will increase exercise intensity first and maybe even a little bit less to so I was that was about this because I have people unsure some people say you know calories a biblical completely one-sided but as you know especially when inserted into the elite level definitely matters to something now though not all created equal and but if you're if another one starting with the right foods that you talked about if it's if it's lots of fibrous veggies if it's not too high in in chords and your eating dinner nutrient dense food then there is an effect of eating more in less that you can see in your body quite do know if you're still eating bad food then you don't really have to worry bout calories was that kind of crap to right its calories only start to matter when eating the right food doing the right way but I hope you know you talking about this addicts with some of the mystique about weight loss rate some people think that they or this way they've always been overweight are always going to be overweight when you're in the circles of that that urine you understand that it's a process for people who have attacked the losing weight or varying references/calories abolish the still not getting results what are some things that they can do or that you help people along with that might be some other strategies all first thing I feel how much a big flashy calories by and how long been going on for ecology notices/calories too much and against start missing you all the messing up with testosterone other type of performance and body especially women in oestrogen if your hormones get messed up and that can affect how much body fat lose can affect your muscle mass that can slow down your metabolism so body just isn't very not many calories anyway and so I checked that out another thing that really big on his sleep people forget about sleep in the equation and study show that gain anything less than six hours sleep you more likely to be overweight anything less than five hours sleep you more likely to be obese and soon sleep quality is very important client because all we've done is focused on the sleep Inn really high quality sleep and lost body fat that because what you sleeping at the burning Fat also your hormones get optimise while you sleeping rebuilds build muscle and get your body working properly moving forward so sleep is a big one I get enough sleep either to sleep between around 10 PM 1030 and baby will use 11 when you go to sleep is a room black a dark completely blacked out again enough sleep for your body how much sleep you need well most people tend to need around eight hours sleep a good way to figure out how much you need is by getting to sleep at 10 PM every night for a week and not put in a more modern seem a timely wake-up if you wake up being so many hours nine hours and for a week will be average in Tunis sought to get an idea of how much sleep you body actually needs law people don't realise and because always using alarms wake-up alarm of the six hours sleep made medical groggy after coffee and you slap in the face feel right and ready to go with my wildly much sleep 6005 and worked well your body tell you sleep into the body which were of a better idea of actually need one thing select disguise systems is of the tracks are the things that I have I've learned by signals on ABC show they started using fitness and so this must using it is what I did all the? But now the want to go around your wrist images the activity trackers might be a natural teacher so I must these are sleep tracking sadistic Cialis about was that they sit at least asleep but one thing I notice it is my wife has one as well is a big difference between the amount of time that you embed any melatonin correctly sleep as well one realise that the things that you set your military room was black and cold temperature of various other things like that they can really help a lot but for me I realised that no matter how good the situation is still relatively light sleeper most of the time and if I'm in bed for eight hours and seven and Ledford 910, beginning a 79 it really fluctuates or fluctuates depending upon how well I'm using are what my stress level is on the various things are the core things to notice as well is that people are different so you would get my data in all fieldwork sons I data I typically gets seven hours and 6:45 hours and 45 minutes of actual sleep a night no matter what I did that like the hours that comes out to everyone my wife Bill gets slick at least half an hour 45 minutes more than and seems to really need and I think that's a positive example of how people need to pay attention to the bodies and realise that raw individuals and hopefully do not tell yourself the story like the people who never need sleep I was visiting another difficult that there will have you seen some epic crash outs from some of you clients who've acted that way and do not sideways all I mean you can usually see in the body your usually see in the by Gaetano stressed out I really do need much sleep yet no way the looks tired and telling me that the recall was anybody farming been working out saving the region good and you are not losing anyway nubile K annual assemble amorously while only much sleep what you drink from day of a friendly other people would like six espressos under rockstar and a with over know going in Hollywood as well as other things that people take executive is to keep themselves going on them here your kids speak of that to some legal staff to take an, is that this is, but a couple of Israeli yet and having a run over couple of cases of people personally know and I will like what really you know I've shot though it is not my world cleaning figures that exists in my world on talking about the no high quality coffee with you I will say is fully out of hours are like said the stimulant so yeah it's real you know, but people who you be tiresome before do online something to pick them up and keep keep them going and that's what people do when you got high stress job in your in entrepreneur in an executive a lot to do something to do that pic you are seeking get bit more work done and the issue and I believe it's common is usually I know couple people definitely do and then as it savours something no smoke without fire it so interesting you look at that world to because that's what the other things so important for the average Joe's jeans out there understand that that the celebrity world the Hollywood world a lot of times when there are millions of dollars on one there is wonky stuff, and that's not realistic for most people to your applied the lies are even your wells on ABC show coaching a guy down for 14 weeks your views on national television doubts incredible accountability that that is impossible to fake in in your real life in but some were some things that the people should really learn about since we in some ways live on the fringes some other things that they should know that would give them some hope of getting their health back instead of necessarily being on the front of a fitness magazine again at I would like to see each passenger really really simple really simple drink enough water each day but a great first step anyone including these Hollywood executives are taking, types of performance enhancing drugs to keep both performance enhancing maybe not right by taking things to keep in is the managing give them energy is actually if you make sure you're hydrating in the first place you can have more energy along seeking copying and all site types of things and constantly dehydrated so announces feel you feel tired though one how do you increase energy levels help yourself lose fat will meet you drink enough water is step one how do you know how much water drink and easy low formula I like to use is taken away in pounds cut in half sonic two £2220 claim 1:30 10 make sure that the minimum amount of water you drink per day in ounces the minimum amount towards drink for me would be hundred and 10 ounces a day is taking away pounds cut in half turn into ounces each of the minimum amount you drink the one thing you body fat can help you to skin brightening up to a lot more energy other things to remember is all about your environment is all about your environment willpower is finite willpower does not last we know that from those studies of willpower and positive psychology season willpower meaning you may have willpower first thing in the morning when United refresh after a long day at work we must make so many decisions and get home you willpower is unlikely to be as high season got junk food in the house more likely to be worried if your house any junk food annoying those healthy options then you are likely to eat the healthy options so I told my clients and people once again shaped to as much as possible Mitchell environment spend the most time in is just full of healthy options that fit chicas full of healthy options featuring homes for wealth of healthy options make sure when you get to work desk is full of healthy options because I numbers of can be what temptations at work bringing chocolate bringing cases birthday some do not and so work is a little bit harder to control and you can take control of your desk review got healthy options are the fact is that easy meet on yourself by making your environment healthy environment make it easy to work out your gym kit all nicely laid out already in a bag whenever you need got one new car you got one in your home but I am all planned out the easier you make it for yourself more successful you going to be as soon as you start relying on willpower the more likely you are to fail is quite better to rely on liability by deception is there something so you know so you were a fitness model that that identity worked for you that millionaires seem to work well for the is is there anything that the people can, doing own lives to give themselves an identity that is not quite as squishy as I'm healthy person) everything is using work yeah and re-it can be anything from anyone like you said and I know other clients before most of my clients are men am a client before and they will need to be fit to the witness Sunderland's got older.u run around with them simply ball with you still you mess around in big not just be we can't really get involved so one they've taken on and identities of as that I collaborate that you will fit daddy is envisaged as an excuse for some of the right to the and the debts are Not that the and that you want to do the work for you do that the key is telling T cell pellets yourself often smile when you decide to sell allow yourself to believe it and you will become back your initial perform with with currents of his voice 48 now but a grandpa and is monitor that you tell yourself and we can go back and forth when everything is or is his nickname is greater meaning subscriber meaning never gives up a credible meaning never gives up so if that was not your salaries and feel like eating one or going for one or whatever it was that was horrid at the time that was the little things so that seemed to really give him through some tough moments I think everyone has that that bit of meaning that they can apply the lies and identities I think the fit mom fit dad grandpa grandma whatever it is that was so well and I hope that you listening will will try that out yourself just about part-time work but before we go what is folks out where they can find you what you are next holiday will be confined me@markDharma.com and Montgomery.com on what I'm really working on is really focusing on mindset so how to be happy to be confident to be super movie and masses degree is in positive psychology six all about optimal mental performance so I look back in terms of fitness and health and also look at them you are really enjoying life in having a lesson alone in my 20s I was in really great shape of the fitness model is in fantastic shape and I thought S-type journeys 13.man bouncing really great shape and be so happy life also right and then I got into really great shape and you know for Parlodel was depressed and was happy all angry young man wasn't happy and I figured in great shape once all the happier for Roland must because I don't have any money. Also has case. Making money certainly started making money found ways to make money in bingo lobby better by being the day I was still unhappy I was unhappy United did about depression I was still angry and like the body you know the in the 20s me lots of women installer happy Sony I realise that you know the real cute keto life is this remains that you mind understanding mind learning to take control of and directed the way you want to go that route has the trick to squander that battle I started focusing on and now I'm a chef tools and people on how to really take control the mindset as well as a hell so that it can really be at the best both physically and mentally allow that will work to suspend a very revealing interview in the best ways hope that people listening out there even though you are talking one of the elite level guys you realise that you can get there too if you'd like to you don't have to make the mistakes and sacrifices that solve a submittal that actually is or can be as simple as giving your wiring eating clean your doing high-intensity exercise the type that is above the punching yourself over and offered evidence to intense the and playing like a kid again bring some joy of this because that's that's what will bring longevity to your wife into your habits is actually having some joy being attached August of being the fit dad or the guy and gal whatever itself market is much for sharing this with the world and appreciate your positivity and how transparent you are about what you do in your background why do to fix a muscle, Shauna Frankie enjoyment before you go don't forget to grab your visitor discount on a 30 day bass player in this plan which are 30 days of mouthwatering wild diet new plans that are designed to help draft that with the new plans appear your friendly easy to make and literally the meals that my wife Alison and I even just about every day and night distinguishing and happy program you get the most effective method of new nutrient timing to 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burning.com/broth base listening and who is the shop or at folks here chrome is the computer manner and founder of computer Permission is to change the world one guy at the time I absolutely love that anything you so much, Michelle and be here yet your submerged arc about this before the interview but you we actually were connected five years ago I had my very first posts on settling in, it was just a blog as well for the podcast and starting about our computer was the first time that I was gonna experimenting with a little bit uneasy as I did in all cases working back from my run of what something that was nourishing, tasty but you know is a big problem with Gatorade and a lot of the Export strength of things are marketed for that so waspishly back then black butcher coconut water literally taken off like they have now is excited about and you guys argue link of your blog and so it's such a pleasure to see that you've done so well I have your book right here was been so much fun reading of great recipes in there from which itself to condiments to sourdough starters and stuff like that I get weight… This but anyway what we start with one of your first experiences with computer I understand from a new book the first time you try duties gingerbread Angel started singing entirely in black rain the and to the work in Britain that when a friend from college in the Midwest originally go on our way became a greater Napoleon you really can grimly maintain American the American diet college, I ran in Imperial late-night de you really do maintain that one of them happened to be in this romantic in the back of his jars computer never idea when required and they they went into a movie and LA critical everywhere back in a related grab legendary anyway to get to the checkout line is opening the baby and having pathetic everywhere imagine taken me experience by wavering in a people are visiting the title are teaming up an essay lookup just a slight you immediate we can develop it now of the I don't do a lot of the districts we supply in the fridge exactly and an economy in a way that really resonated in the now really people give you a or bring the background yes its something is happening in your mouth that you're not quite used for most people especially ridge the first but our intention is to you get some coverage right here and you play as a rapier in honour dubious the duties gingerbread was my favourites and am exodus that probably one of the best lampposts run drink severed as it reminds me of something as is reversing light up anyway so not all the commuters out there are so beginner friendly I think that is what it is the new great job you find a lot of tours these days the news the pirates is really courteous in some gas stations think back towards Paraguay in maintaining the housing industry is ground can now into a"red-int big theme in places like that there is no the jnana is that you're talking about by now industry here in 2014 then I Alex, the booklet and and Campbell ticking intact applicable to national and may be five years ago they 20 to the capital between the around the, the real industry was growing, challenges interweave me and here again and now we have commuters national with hundred 40 members around the world in happy with that becoming an analyst and people, either the nine either make them people to think that that the in the commercial it really is a®) but the flavours are different right so you try some of them and it's very vinegary you could say right up front if they don't use any flavouring agents are especially the ginger can cut right through that ethnicities was refreshing I think and if you try it for the first time it will be unique but not quite as unique as like the whole. There is nothing added to the mat as well which has its own better and we didn't do that in just a second one other thing is that this really saying about is that Ireland allows under the ABC TV show with with Kurt he was someone with money and glamour he'd never try computer in his life with tribunal had of course it had solos and sports drinks and things like that and other countries we tried the first it wasn't like puckering up the way that someone who would this week of vinegar would do it was much more like are effervescent excited and this is new this is fine and it didn't take right away but over the course of the next few weeks he started to really enjoy computer and also the fermented coconut drinks as well which are attracting other countries which did different there much more you know the advanced user once again thank you so what's the difference between the ones that that people can interlink an almost taste like solar and the ones that are much more vinegar for that that might be more rewards were tapping between the why that is a different now everyone can live with the base and had his back strengthening you to act in Waikiki and Keegan actually is when you know where my fingers are into my express papers Solution, the percent & behind the drinking and the Powders overshadowed by with the additional Barbie sugars in alchemical shimmers and when and to supply a lot of people I a little too into bridge both France and into a healthier action to labour and beaches.

To China Japanese folk in the category Dissecting nutritional living it really craned their used to when converting a power and dementia until a our neighbours are really representing a gas and how your yard into the claimant even recognised as being) and the dangerous any cinema correctly you you can definitely feel gets its jumpstarting something and that your full disclosure of used computer is a very effective hangover cure on more than one occasion and that was originally actually one of the reasons it was kicked off the shelves with active years ago because it does have a trace amount of alcohol or at least can you you are in human had been consuming the non-traditional entering them to concentrate alcohol that maybe .5% me now and I really into an eBay ranking 20 kb applicable to and in the region that provide is now back marries a insignia was what we can in Miami can just 18 key union, and immediately, nutrition and human of alcohol and about the lack we all know this is when we did the gas, terrifying threat and exercising things like that strap is really bad that we, as only a group has created fine it makes you feel that people will enjoy the uniting people into with the printing technology and training really contributing to the replacement facility can now consuming a pipe that might get a of remaining the nutritional impact consuming liquid the and the computer does give you a very unique boost and I found that the way you really like to use it in some cases as our students to drink beer everyone celebrates the 20 more articles like the typical thing kickback of the of the day ever appear it's much better I finally have the composure that way, it can also be at the nice digestive tonic in a before needing after leading you just have a little bit ahead of that seems to go perfectly into my day night I tried bit of something fermented a few times a day is a wonderful way to work into habits and of course you don't have to go through the after-effects of tricking something like a solder or appear or what have you you are in fact nourishing your body is that of stealing agents from when when you're having something like butchers are and you are heading an enemy-convergence wet convert and give the marrying the creepy Greyhound happy that the poor hubby presumption and filter it where we no alcohol Prescription dry and drinking the blood stream of the – building overloaded became known as the concerning an inherited abnormality.

And avant-garde Income consuming cabin and gradually gently get background image of the Queen Derek Branning in you need if you much better it really does that Agnes made the on alcohol cravings have reduced greatly and I had taken the shine you're there you may help them deal with me in a way to the my computer usually only in your regular again denied like maniac you make, you just need trouble later on you plan on keeping our way down the positive wind began a was not just us students were benefiting from bloggers don't realise that 9/10 cells in normal boys are technically not unit all the role bacteria so in a lot of cases the way you feel your body's workings were driven by the bacteria itself in science is really starting to get a hall that recently invaded the mainstream but not the fermenters out there, for a very long time but what are the implications there was that mean if it were 9/10 not not human heating you now you can the department is being to a bacterial man wins that we can in.

Every single serving brain bacteria making and how paediatrician Arthur bacteria in the beauty of any real you, activating bacteria and germs were apparently been waiting really detrimental to ourselves leaders recently being anti-and another the factory ourselves actually acted in a neatly creating a negative impact on the that is there is a burst world bacteria were now all universe we are entering into the big island the microbiota interesting thing is we could it a lack of diversity that we can a week in Paris, we people plan you being intercut back that we don't gang's management engaged with the world might consuming is an endearingly and intellectually now had to heed the fermentation preservation and supply throughout the year itself in a week-long alcohol spanning a. Child and explaining reunited with really works like this before it seems like it was something that was missing that I didn't even know was missing until I saw recovery bring a really interesting thing happened which you are you mentioned in your book is well where I think you said he started eating at the typical John Crichton the Rann in the process food what have you but once you start experimenting with butcher and fermented foods you noticed that that through the typical process food start to taste more like chemicals so what have you now when you to reclaim that nutrition in women for more finally done with you that you you not mean we are highly I my generation when one encounters the necessary breath) label became a healthy baby notion or whatever you intend and you know we didn't realise is ripping actually, crazy are you about the banning things and you make a can now give you a tear nearly everything skim milk supply again and remember last time spent many years when you your now realising is available in, said in a locality and again you merely chemically print whatever it can do people end up in doing a bit Wayne with giving the information I needed to listen to a number "the healthiest in the lab using banner and a dining realising other way different nutrients are helping people to experiment with vegetarianism arena within 20 where with happening in the computer now pastors who also happen to be to run the Intel with you and to talk about the complete collection are now introduced the two traditional birds left in place reasoning like and shit the course make the journey and jamming director became a you just without having to do make a major dent over bashing everyone is making a name conflict they are romanticising it a was weird testimony. You eight the hysterectomy you Barry gradually diminishing the name in the exploration really me with her body had 1 million billions of years of information encoded within everything up now and I that I think is unthinkable to really help to help people drinking your working in your system administrator and having brand having a coherent drink beer making arenas and few historic counties now which think they should be leading the impressively consuming and the way it is, and we do not have that manic personality and a delight with all you mean exploration and development you into pay into fermented soybean and Canada narrow banking tried using the stuff like that but once you do it it's no use in your book to this one decision leads to the next and you find that with food as well specimen you retrain your your power if you try to go from Diet Coke to computer to be a hard shift but once you do that will be a little bit easier next time you try you what your friends made a homage kimchi yourself That You Transmit Is Not As Weird As You Otherwise Would Have Thought It Was If You Adjustment Using Your Cafeteria Food or Fast-Food Process with Everything but One of Things I Love about This Is the Exploration to Have Bond Butcher and Shroud Different Flavours There Are Different Kinds It Easy Can Have New Infusions and Start Adding It to Cocktails What Have You Then Makes Life Easier for You to Pay Attention to the Things Similar When You Eat a Fermented Vegetable You Is, Is It He's a Little Bit Similar in Some Ways and the Biggest Thing That I Notices It Felt like You Have More of a Direct Line of Communication with Your Gut Are Most Relevant Because Got the Second Brain and Once Again Sciences Is Catching up to Injured Knowledge but If You Are Eating Something Alive or Drinking Something Alive and Endure but Your Body Seems to Recognise That Doesn't Are Remaining Winning in the Morning China the Winning Entry into the Price Consuming Bacteria Which Another Way to Get Meaning at into Convert I Can Make Their Living Nutrients Everything Required Wife in Order to Win and to Win a Big Topic in the Big Apple's First Really Powerful in When You Everything Enjoy Meeting and Spending Dealing Are You Looking at the Computer You (I May Readily the Eventually but We Empower People Information Analysis Points behind Bergen and Because Take down the World the People Only Cultures and I Certainly Powered That the Handicap You Gladly Change Your Life Working People Can Show You a Package Begin to Mutate Canadian but If You Show up Immediately to Change Can Never Have Himself to Give You the Best Opportunity to Think There, Beginning Your Saucy Just One Try It's Great Going to Scrap a Bollard and by the Way It Might Be Three Are As Follows Maybe Five Dollars on Something like That for Your First Bottle Which Sounds Expensive but Only Compare Disorder If You Can Brother to Appear or Wine or Something That Is Not Expensive and in Fact When You First Usually Don't Drink for Bottle You Just Can like Tickling Better Share with Friends or Something so I like Very Much Encourage Anyone Who Hasn't Tried It out There to Drive by If You're Really Strapped for Cash at Even More Fun to Make It Home and Make It around and so Are A Few Years Ago Else and I Started Experimenting with Make-Up Which and Made A Few Batches That Came out Great and Then Those One Particular Batch Where Two Terrible Things Happen One Gaffe from Flats after a Couple Weeks Which Your Brew and Certainly Explain What and Then the Other One Get More and out We Bombed out by by the End of Our Experimentation Via Skokie That Was This the with Massive Was Talking to Us by the End of Art so I Had a People Get Started at Home If They Are Interested in Making Their Own Fermented Beverages at What Was a Good Way Did the Camel Program He Began Every E-Book Is Beginning All the Information Anything Will Be a Minimum Only Cultures and Attempted in a Meeting Is One Of Arabic with and the Cycle Because Bowing and That Interaction the Critical the Better People I You Are Attracted Started Doing It Then, That Number Rose to Make the into Question Their Happiness despite They Really I Can Supply That Will Benefit That You Think You Yield Then Just an Initial Break We Can Do That Culturally Buckets of Money Money Right-Zero the Christian That the Quality with You Doing It in Reality Testing into a Pointed Support Are Helping to Clink a Pain in (Usually Account for a California That Dad Billy Were Greatly Diary in a You Needed Reading through Any You Come Back to Again and You Especially in Can All Work and Developer Papular, Fine Greensburg and an Economy by Converting and – Easily Submit to Me Including the Biofeedback in the You Exchange of Feedback We Feel Some Which Are Now Experienced Al Because You Are Divine in Shallow and Inexpensive, and in a Russian Version Is Bad and Is the Source Made Sugar Coming and Now Alchemical I Shudder the Family in the Sugar Sugar in a Singaporean Keeper Converted the Centre Is an Event for You in Michigan Finger down and Isolating Which Create Unity Which Create Converted a Period in a European in Miami Meter and Then There's the Source of the Bacteria Actually Do Also Consider the like That Making a Gap in Their Arms and Back from Cows Which Is Paraneoplastic As a Business Person Will Go Together so Many Great when the dictator deliciousness of the year and itssurab experiments think a lot of people might not jump right on board because computers just a weird word you will it is but there's a huge difference enough to freeze the pure analogy was again the difference between like swilling about a beer 'was lighter but there are some that implement wrong your home there as there is artistry in it there is some sort of burning that happens and I think more than anything else is you did this this massive respect for the environment and get yourself from nature right when you start to see that you are growing tea to and things are alive in it that the taste delicious or argue turn into a horrible malt fly experiments in some cases but the but is its own to visit you accomplish something when you screwed up anything pseudo-for what you have style Hamburg how you can bring crane legacy secrete the key to make a ton of anything but the companies were, or anyone here and remember your personal copy first annual you know you headline and the company any appreciation by material when there's an appreciation for white Hispanic, three dollars galleries are now right when you do anything thorough with the company while her teeth in our back into a packing centre greatly you steer whatever doesn't rehab soon as heating fermented drinks right you combination because's battle to add a twist presently involved environment in winning form. We have an instinctual desire crane Venetian people powering Venetian natural than any in the nutrition in fermented drink in a weekly – and then you will be justly because makes it palatable anything enjoyable and now between the name because you either use the and we manages the assets you explain in a paranormal experience to adjoining their leg length of was released to demonstrate why letters land cultivated shared Down the in Garmin also this wisdom and knowledge in explaining that the EU are coming to highlight and you know a crisis point in STEM allowed people are hurting you been buying something unique but it is you know allowed to be tray or baking and relationships and community also with person you are white or colour printer shower and you spent eating happening everywhere so you are buying with in your community with like-minded like the people by the year what you almost our time for the goal would you mind telling people what you will Find relief now you can in particular and human decay like that stuff eagerly converge and weed out the addresses are really excited now and am you can find it the inter-web National if you need help in the treatment of home brewers who are commercially you the passion take practically no way applicable to brewers that were doing great things for the industry than you actually think Stena means that our kind of anything that may be rolling a particular daily help explain the world particularly in the great what you think you so much doing the work you do and I love that that the world has reconnected us many years later and that you're doing so well because you're so important to bring such levity and fun to the process of thinking so much fuller and a lot of you back again soon been given in the balance that period effects thanks again for listening to fat burning man don't forget the girl checkout fat burning to.com you have a question you want here to the performance what dinner have a draft that quickly had 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base listening and use the shop right folks step in DNA is an obesity researcher and neurobiologist who places cutting-edge biomedical research into an ancestral health framework as research spans neurodegenerative disease ageing nutrition obesity in recent years has been focused primarily on the neurobiology of eating behaviour and obesity he holds a PhD in neurobiology from the University of Washington in this peer-reviewed research has insider over 1200 times by his scientific colleagues is upcoming block the hungry brain will explain the neurobiology of why we often overly despite our best intentions seven thank you so much for joining us exclusively so I've been following for very long time now and I'm stoked to have you on the show because you've been putting out your research and your musings and thought on your blog for a long time now and you're very much respected in the space bloodlust to get you to stick out what tackles question at the beginning why do we overeat and what can we do about Yasmine our libraries as well 3 AM and I think that basically you know to try down one thing I would say that we evolved in a situation where was difficult to get calories and so we have our life systems to track increase your calorie intake to make sure that we can sustain intake that we need a really morose lifestyle and the brain systems are still in place today is hardwired into our brains and so now situation where you reflect that I'm more about we have more to narrow start fires does hardwired desires so that rate there just to carefully the idea think this is the primary reason when you're ready expresses alternate ways including our food environment like easy availability of food reduce costs of food and not as the financial cost that the conveniences to the environment as well as changes in the composition are are you has increasingly come to me DNA are preferences of the human brain basically re-engineered to be what we want the retirement in two technology gained increasing control over is to so that we can one who and when the brain sees to was intensely more than food isn't that crazy about so I think that's it out again to what we do about into a nutshell I guess that's where is that there are a lot of aspects delightedly the question by digging you you don't have to rely on willpower then you back in Saturday's next the magnitude of the difference and are cowering to the characters obesity epidemic moment that really means is even more challenging as not everyone agrees some people are from whatever reason you just generic saw the way mother lives are more and so were really seeing is that people who are reading are using by 300+ calories there so this is really a difficult problem in how you get someone to eat 300 fewer calories a day or 300 more calories a day are so think there driving at here is that you have been a liability obesity efforts in United States R.N. at this point in settling no countries but didn't have horribly really not using the passing tools don't be most effective at solving the problem in reasons for this in and I respect people's reasons for not wanting things like food taxes are your taxation on significant barriers calorie dense foods and things like that I respect that people have now the from the mind by I mean the reality is if you do something about you need to start using those tools you need to start reshaping the environment and the reason is that humans are now used purely rational you know agents that must assume ourselves to be in July standard reactive to our environment and were driven by our own instinctive impulses that the reality that both psychology and neuroscience has been revealed to us to appeasement in village of gasoline absolutely immune players like Marina the Internet that we do it ourselves to relate their catering to our instincts your role as a created domain understanding through we solve the bias year so I think I think it's gonna take big changes in your salinity changes that don't require people to the email I am willpower continual daily basis take structural changes to the environment to the environment in general that promotes healthier diet and lifestyle pounds where the default behaviour is doing things around so whether that involves food taxes having food taxes are more factors are potential instruments regulating food advertising and in any degree is regulated in United States there is industry self-regulation wish is that is that) but I mean we shouldn't have any food advertising to kids in this country like in my opinion okay so I understand you know adults you want choose your path, people tiny want to do what children are really the obese before any choice in the matter and think that we have gear a large part to how protects children from this that include environments that we know literally handicap down b