Zen Gem N.o 12. What are Your Limiting Beliefs. Mindfulness and Meditation in Leeds City Centre, Yorkshire.

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spices in a solicitor fat burning man you can get $10 off to try their broth for yourself just head on over to fat burning man.com/bra to get you discount that that burning.com/broth base listening and use the show folks Chelsea is a holistic wellness advocate trainer and journalist is also the cocreator of wealth and culture which provides holistic health advice drawn from North American indigenous tradition to he concepts promoted by Wofford culture ancestral eating Christian Chelsea is also a 2010 graduate of Dartmouth College actually founder and you will know magazine Dolby green jersey they so very much for coming on show and Corso what drove you to pursue health and wellness as a calling while you dedicate your life to while I the a little momentum line at any time you a have been a and until highways and a connection between mind and culture between the and the soul of the team, made a tradition have some ability the health issue and even, I,, need to and it is really pernicious is the with the big food industry is infiltrated a lot of different cultures and communities that previous to that will really living harmoniously with nature with the land they had a spiritual connection with food and else and I met my wife and I were travelling around for the past two years and to a lot of places that work to some degree not untouched but less touched by big food industry then certainly we are in the Western world and those on the things we noticed is that when you broadsided by as a community and also know you've got this is spam and corn dogs and skills in Eminem sent a commercialised beer on tap without commercialised tobacco when you broadsided by that it can really lead to some deterioration of of not only the people's health but also the culture so what are some of the things that you've seen and how you helping to remedy a really healthy and strong any unit is in 100 and the traditional in traditionally traditional on the already a you people are introduction of a government and the people introduction had been meeting the a you tranny may it seems like the power of addictive substances including alcohol Tobacco in food and the same category as the role paper processing and nothing like what what you would have had in in nature anyway or the defences against that would spark a new help people survive the onslaught of all their terrible stuff they are and are you so you well a week you are a bombing in the's and in and you are you you, bin traditional to gain a and we named in the cable you are a you are you in your you all are a year are are the you you are the people you can is all you are you believe in any, because the weather I like about my fundamentally also, do I will on the show especially alternative health Scott also revolve it's like counterculture writers attentional Western medicine that screwed me over big timers would be the reasons I started this show up to talk about different degrees of of going about this in in fact we claiming are history and connect with with clients with food with the land and all that and it was something in my background is that when I was an incident that told the story times the show but was an incident I can really really sick and I attempt to run 6° that we just can shake and Western medicine didn't help my mom and the time was was a nurse as you eventually want to be in holistic nurse practitioner but most of that was because she saw how little help I was getting from conventional medicine and then you know she took her career to the holistic became an herbalist and from another at my entire life as I was being raised it was on tinctures and balms from wild herbs and infusions from the backyard and he eating a lot of wild plans and things like that and at the time it was just yelled my mom and the Windows remote crazy if you do demand my lovely mum if you're listening but I kind of distanced myself from as I grew up after I graduate from Dartmouth want to get rid my worlds to the big fancy jargon that big fancy insurance and then was was led right down the road rows on a half-dozen different prescription medications in six months and sentenced to our life of being on those drugs were being you know, he's a grey area six but well and I think one of the best things that happened recently is restoring to see the call factor in an outcome related into holistic alternative health whatever but the good news is that were still we still get the colour counterculture thing and I think there can be a great way to ignite passion in people who have been really screwed over by the system whether it's big food conventional medicine a lot of people are starting to get get the message that being healthy is not only right but our responsibility not just for ourselves but the culture at large if we want survivors a species we get a good handle on this now you are doing a connection with a in a role in your you you are you you are you you are a day, a you are a holy you are a a story you you are a you are you are a you are you is a you you are a a you all you the big picking up and it will be a singer see what happens in the next two years as it will be hard for counterculture to go mainstream maybe maybe not of we would like you getting the message out there won't be a we gladly help people desire traditional media something we don't need didn't erect now but anyway are because I certainly I have to bring this up because those are on your website which is great by the way I was one of the videos and there was a game called double bar which essentially like throwing buffalo scrotums at each other and to sound like the biscuit that you game are that you might you are a traditional the region thing and any traditional through the are the, retail and and you are and territorial you you are a you do love we have a unit in so many that you are and what you are you are you all day a union in the EU in implementing the so you are sure you are a you are in your with other foods like other particular that that's that you are a when I saw that you all are a so you are wild race were not sure about the background of the the Hall me a, a traditionally the and all you are traditional and are a you are you are a you are only and you you are people traditional you by so you are to you you are a you you you you you you you are the very core now one of the most compelling things I think that can empower us humans is is looking back at our past grievances indigenous cultures today the people in them especially people ease in in the 90s just running 3 miles a day like it's no workaholic and doing these incredible things with fitness in their bodies well into the later years of the white but also to truly incredible things while Yahya like hunting buffalo on foot or what have you any particular instances at that you've seen that that really are compelling as it relates to what we can do as humans physically in our you while you super are the majority I am a you you are Asian and the story about only and traditional you extreme you with a in a you you were one in the are you a you are with you with you but you are a you are you are a you are you are you a man and really are a new story in a generation earlier in the day but yet in how you bring back as there are certain people and this is true whether you're looking at indigenous cultures or outside of those welded seams there are some people just dedicate their lives to be fit and healthy and well but maybe wasn't always that way because if you don't dedicate your life to that then you know what happens I want is people get really sick really really fast at least when you're looking at the span of the lifetimes of how you help people make that shift from being in place of of sickness and ill-health to really embracing this idea that the fitness as part of our heritage that you natural food and eating well nourishing our bodies is privileged while a recruiting drive and how are you you are in the gym and a non-today here in our you hold all the hard holder is so in the early design was another video that that is about question specifically what it was one with rocks and just with and reminded me I was down in Peru not so long ago it was almost like the exact single gut that I was doing just, ground is all there is a big heavy rock and some squats that suppress I had a lot of people really tripped up as I have to be in the gym I must be a general guide need to train our film fill in the blank there when factor we really need to do is is go outside the breath of fresh air #and look for something the play with live rock to pick up words your bottles around the does have some fun so things are you teaching people to do as a relates to exercise because it up the way the you folks have been describing website physical activity really resonates with me you are a you are a you are a totally prior to using the are the you are you and you you are you you we all something you the you restructure a year and we or in the you you are a you my call your challenge to you you are a you are a way work or not to drop a when you you you are you are a you are black you you actually do it all on your and you are in, you are beautiful are you you are a holiday to really show are you you are a of or you traditional the you will you a day and and you is a you are you are a you are a are then applies the food is well rated quite different you choking down greasy breed the Frontier Corps versus having a spiritual connection with your refusal to working people listen do the character will be closer that connection that that so many of us really need are a you are giving a buy real you you all the you, a or alleging the team food and you are my share you you you you you are a you are you you are you planning a summer are likely to appreciate a 20 railway you how you appreciate all you are absolutely not interesting to instructor combine new technologies with this all way of thinking and because it can comes beautifully together my example that so my wife actually is from Arizona's Welsh government decree in her
much the widest out there according to genetic testing I giving a little bit of indigenous native Mojo going on there too and I think a lot of us in the modern world is for this interview you cannot live in two worlds between worlds a lot of us cannot assume that were just domesticated this point is the way we are living in the box eating at South visitor lives but as soon we give ourselves a little taste of gym for instance or eating ancestral foods or even just sitting down saying thanks to the person who raised your familiar form of shaking their and looking at them in the are you start to approach all this a little bit different seems to return something on any like I remember right your spirit remembers almost did it all you you, you are you are a you are a you I think especially now there is going to be a community run and is one the beautiful things about what you're doing is is not just like you have a website you like showing jabs like this is the fix on your Brahms is like let's reconnect with who we are as humans your world and at that massive difference between what you see today in the popular mainstream diet and fitness industry Ray are people you are aware you live or you you to you are under section the you know might their you you combine a place you are realising you live in a twice and you are you you or or a you you are the you are a you are you a people and a are a you you are now you you are a you player you you you you are a core I love it and it's making such wonderful inroads between those two worlds as you describe it and and I love the work that you do exactly the book just by our time but before we go as you please tell folks what do next voyager harm or you are the you you are in a race in are doing then you are some out of the cheque bounce and maybe that that before scrubbing the double are prohibited designated summers: 08 this is Abel and I have a quick question you want to get the best shape of your life without giving up your 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to live longer while being 100% Palio or 100% median but actually be hurting you what nutrition has to do with sexual dysfunction and much more was going out grey or white folks today were here with grey gram and raised the lead after the bookbinders prophecy which looks at the role that food may play in reselling our genes have gone extravagantly absolutely really say that you hear this is a topic that a lot of people are starting the chatter about generics and imparted prophecy of that I think there are a lot of us out there who really understand what that means a keen give us just a quick primer about what this new time generics is all about the concept of around for awhile but it was accepted by conventional generic I was introduced when I got into the nutritional business about 21 years ago my mental Corey's first assignments was for me to go the pace part nutrition foundation and read two books that profoundly change my thinking on nutrition forever the first was the nutrition and physical degeneration by Western price the book and everybody should rebury healthcare practitioner should be mandatory the second one was a book about Dr Francis Poynter was a medical doctor he did this this tenuous study with cats and he was the first person to prove that encapsulates you know that what you eat not only affects your health affects the health of your offspring and their offspring and their offspring under a minute be doing story for me because in my previous life I have been involved in what had me in schools I was about business and I was wireless schools over a long period of time in about she saw, changing the work of the children going to middle school when I was in middle school you notice are 60s you know children want a certain way must face that your middle school and high school killjoys are: Molly looking grow your 15 years later when Minnis causes another generation middle decidedly different 15 years later they were different again and even a task people look at peoples, changing originally printed over time appointed board because par directed that the study showed no has captivated a lot of different ways basically the premise was we would take one group of care to Des Moines with his considerable all raw natural diet of capsicum since, Royal Romney and one milk and then he varied the media the notepad to remember different studies but we found was the results were always the same as that when you fed the cat of improper diet bodyboarding pullover emphasis on a wall particularly said process more he would is most famous Terry Moore passes the milk was the more degenerate the cats became and their kids became and their kittens and the kittens to refer three generations looked around when I went read the blog and I look around the world, Goschen works as bunch of ponderous people you stickers were degenerating into race in America faster than anybody because we have the most highly processed diet so the cats things happen between structural interfaces became more narrow and had crowded teeth to see that you have got what I was in school you know maybe one could money would have braces but today an almost was going that same age every single child in school had braces for the best the fact of several generations of processed foods and then the other thing that he found was a sexual dysfunction: the that the On the Processed Food Was Interested in Search of a Sexual Behaviour Became Abnormal Fork out or One of the Most Profound Things I Think Have so Much Relevance Today Is a Bikini Social IV Became Reclusive or Aggressive Sometimes Bolt Your Design Reclusive Amendments Also Can Be Very Aggressive to New Always Horrible Tragedies Are Helping from Columbine on Knowing That When You Define's Job Is Almost Always the Same Bill so Signalled out to Become Reclusive MMA Can Revile It under Number 11 Columbine Happen Was so Shocking for Everybody and Had Days and Days of Your Talking Head Your Talking Roadster Videogames Bed Perineum and Not Really Nobody Even Talked about the Food That You Children Need a Better Job Than a One Clue They Were Interviewing the Mother of One of the Friends of Those Two Young Men and She's She's Dislike of the Other Kids You Know She's Become More Regular Legumes Apartment Chips and They'd Watch Your Movies and Stuff like That Perfectly Normal You Know with the so the Key Is the Sort Parts and Chirping about Not the Type of Nutrients That Will Support Good Mental Health and Particularly from the Generational Perspectives of Rate As Much to Do about You but This Is a New Concept for People I Think Especially, Dipping Their Toes into This Whole Even Thinking about Diet Are or How Diet Could Relate to Other Effects in Life and Not Only That but the Lives of People in Your Progeny Unborn Children and Grandchildren so When You Make Epigenetic and Simple the Concept Is Simple Care Because Do His Work Was Completely Rejected by Science Because at That Time Generics Said You Only Palestine Characteristics the Jeans and the Genes Change Very Very Slowly over One Printer Times Adapted Your Collarbone the Darwin Affect the Revolution and so This Idea That the You That You Could Pass on Nutritional Deficiencies Was Completely Unacceptable Science Is Completely Rejected by the Company Wasn't so Much Later about Time the Party Was Doing His Work with the Term Epigenetic Was Coined Was Practically Unknown in so That the Big Things That Happened Is That on There Was a Study Overcame Sweden Epidemiologic Study That Actually Show the Same Phenomenon in Humans but Basically with Epigenetic Means Is above the Jeans so We Do Know the Long Periods of Times We Adapt Based on Environment a Diet and You Can See That No Arm around the World You Know That You Have the Diet to Consider in Your People Have Adapted to in the Diet That No Great Barrier Reef Islands of Doctors Very Differently You Are Both Very Very Healthy with This, Significantly Different Diet of the Fountains of Content in Terms of Our Glycaemic Index and Everything but Those Changes Do Happen Slowly over Many Many Many Generations so That a Generic Destiny but Are Generics Change Very Quickly You Can Exercise and You Will Change the Expression of Your Jeans If You Have the Meal That You Need Will Change the Expression of Genes so so Many People You Use the Jeans the Karbala Go Well You Know I'm Diabetic about My Dad Was Diabetic When Following Diabetic so Was My Genetic Destiny but That something that true you know is that because if you go back to retreat more generations nobody was diabetic because they didn't have access to the foods that cause diabetes the sugars in the ever highly refined refined starches so what we know now is it only scientist argue about this or take range between two and 10% of the diseases that plague us today or generic so that is 90 to 90% are actually epigenetic orders have to do with you jeans would have to do with how genes are expressed to what we know now is that genes can be turned on or are good genes can be turned off in badgering genes can be turned on based on work we do in environment primarily food but also the other powerful factors are exercise and arm toxins the winner now reversibly with all the publicising pesticides and industrial pollution stuff of those things also have a powerful ability to switch genes on and off year so so in some ways you know it it's a powerful message because it puts us back in control you will not victims of jeans you know we have control there but we have to take back control yet it's only because it's a interesting message this for generics then you take away from because I want will that what we do to set every meal every bit of exercise that we do in fact every time that we have can have an effect on which genes were actually expressing which is really empowering but the same time you have the immediacy of saying if you don't do this then your children children will suffer because very clear now the right upper lobe allowed looks very because is really a must never profound lesson basically just showed that the phenomenon of partnership account arm happened and people in so what to did with those a Swedish epidemiologist and he got connected with the British medical geneticist and they rehab this trove of dad from a little town in the far north of Sweden, overcame works bonanza right so my apologies you use three of kylix from the moment anyway another driver of the six researchers in the comments later the very go everybody's so with the has found this town the Macula record characteristic of the standards was very isolated from the rest of the world in the winter, summer time they had transportation primarily by the way one should know some roads proceed with the winner serving the was further when the roads were closed out of the only food they have risen from the produced community and so they kept these meticulous records about the crops about the failure and success of the corpse of a guitar when they had abundance and scarcity of these particular nutrients and member of the other thing that your particular focus on what we are both in death rates solely the meticulously culture all this the other with the founders of the time of her life when all projects were generics been set based on a diet of time of life, the slow growth period so. Between the ages of eight and 11 boys between the ages of nine and 12 so that time just before puberty and what a child he then worked with the arrival was that the health of the park project to some degree but what with the doing that very critical time has a profound effect so by following his record they found that women crops fail to hear the original hypothesis warned people didn't have enough food when the crops fail then the children would be undernourished and that Progeny would be less healthy that he can was the opposite when the crops fail with the group I primarily work with them grains and potatoes and will immigrate potato crops failed the children became of a Bristol group in an age the children and grandchildren will be the great-grandson of the parents at that time lived up to 30 years longer than the children who came of age when the crops were banned so that a huge dinner what they buy from you they died in terms of abundance that the grandchildren have a higher propensity towards obesity diabetes and heart disease results up that sound familiar to anybody have a disagreement with my co-authors Rick became a monk, from the price point during the last price: your mindset and the previous background was well as the side so so research director for the Cornish in his studies in Surrey have they had come from the welfare you are vegetarian the perspective into has a disagreement so they said what he you can see is that when people don't eat much they live longer will you resign nothing is recognisably news about what it said is that the potato in the grain crops failed the other things that they were pork in salmon and of course you summertime access to some greens and some berries with very seasonal because so far nor so I just and immunological purposes this is what the scientists said that they are super feeble if you were growing up potatoes in grains in raising pigs in catching salmon in the potato and grain crops failed what would you be easy Bake observation in salmon be the first thing they do if they don't have good food to sustain them through the winner of a Florida pigs mirror preserve for joy no offset salmon and pigs you can be preserve enough one of which are presumably a brutal time so.I have begun so not been seen here and say definitively that it was because that will some making a future fact but I think if you look at a lot of the we have today with significant changes away from the protein and healthy fats you since the 70s and then you look at the results of the children them in regards of the Centre for disease control said almost 15 years ago now that children born after the year 2000 that 35% of them would become diabetic in a lifetime which is an amazing figure if you think about it in looks now after 15 warriors will secondly even worse united healthcare do a study they said about 2015 at 50% of the people of America will be diabolical.
It so the sex of the word while of trouble and them you we have to change things subduing that part due to Pottinger had two messages so when you win you gave his Inappropriate diet they degenerated over three generations) waste anywhere is that it each generation you he would measure the physical parameters of health after the daily autopsy determined he would take a lot of internal organs and things that externally lasted three years the Catherine given the processed milk products update after the third generation can reproduce anymore and that inside me that there are probably seed today you know of the sub the figures of 16 or 18% of Americans cannot conceive and bear children without medical invention with the cat with it was the leader of what sexual interest they had no sexual activity and conceivably conceived the kids were born stillborn and so would contradict Y yourself the end of the road enough of this experiment to dig himself scope could you by the same process could you regenerate the cat sorted the busy historic giving the CONTROL Diet and sure enough just by making that change the capsicum conceive including their offspring were able to conceive of the offspring that the offering one of healthy residential care but if continue to feed them a whole food diet in the delicate help the Americans are healthier and so the lesson is that we can turn this thing around it's a process into three generations to degenerate the cat but he was able to regenerate the captain in the four generations to the point with a was physically and emotionally instruction perfect of the control Council so in America misses a totally unfair question but in America were using most of the site generation lies if we extend that the metaphor to I think the thing the children in course you know it's not as absolute because you WILL write carefully controlled vocabulary your whole food diet apparently processor more processor process by taking a basically younger children today goes children one at 2000 and now you are not in all our are not quite adults to be your your 1213 just come to their own slow growth period to promote the regeneration now faces the off the whole place you know when you look at the stats many boys are diagnosed with ADHD the rate of autism is going through the roof and the look these Costa are problems that have only to do so well socialise occasionally attend public schools as a lot of the homeschooling today that some of the true personal choice and denigrate homeschooling efficiently but a lot of times because the kids Probably socialise with its "generation and the United of the consequences people can even grasp the consequences to this whole debate now about Obama Kerry notion should we be providing health we not be providing healthcare is not even an issue the matter of the factors that healthcare is so expensive and people so sick that nobody can afford to pay for people for debate on the own people cannot afford with a governmental product is have to pay for to have to change you know our health because the healthcare costs are behind us as a country in the was wondering General Motors Bay graphic the could no longer sustain the cost of health care for their employees and their retirees and use email that more and more in such a different way to think about this a lot… It's surely eating according to Palio and such was the price there is a real is expensive something I can do this which comparing to food warmer I can see how you cover the conclusion but if you include the price of your medications that the price of your doctor visits the price of all the things that are going to happen to you for the next few decades over the your children and you don't the costs of healthcare if that's included in your lifestyle it should be comparing dramatically different tastes like a look at before I saw he must work I want the doctor I got sick all the time and was taking many medications because my doctor said I had to because of his genetic issues that now skip ahead to the now I outwardly have not then the doctor except to get one done sometimes I'm just a ejaculate myself in my three years and no matter how much how much money you spend on a and organic veggies and other forms and everything else that isn't even close to amount money that even someone intertwines like me would have been spending at at the medical establishment over the course of time because a really good point including those things in the same category are right it is a good way to reframe this whole dietary change is truly critical because well and pottery in Washington state and last week no proposition 522 which would have amended the low-budget route was defeated because the food companies of Monsanto, Gilbert born Gross Association provide 20 some million dollars to $24 million was raised by people just Wanna know what food to but cheap food is very profitable for big food is very expensive for us component his book, these figures right he said that in 1950s we spare 18% of our budget on food and 5% budget on healthcare today we spend 9% of our budget on cheap process you know industrial food which I have the price now is spent about 18% of our focus on healthcare so using a spirit on the food and stay healthy by the wager food taste better than the patient feel better immediately vitality to use another food in the same healthcare you savour the food in your spending on healthcare slowly coin area we consciously make a choice all cheap food just take hypertensive irritations in the Google falls in your inject myself and Simon in oh takes to drive genome with the savings you know I can make such a crazy choice but that is actually the choice that the people are making absolutely ideally to enjoy in England is not every weekend giving cash to farmers like this is very different like going to the doctors office and giving us some great doctors out there in the desert every set that they get there a lot of doctors are like the logical degree would matchup at that description arms comes to you choose to spend money on what you choosing to support is a really interesting dichotomy between those two things and I can tell you spending my money on on truffle butter and blood sausage a itself it's amazing and these people are shiny and you can see the health of the farmers you are buying the stuff from which you always you can always see her in the doctors office unfortunately grass growing citrus six people your will feel that the people of everyone working solely through to give you multiple crazy elegance food not really that expensive you know I'm typing quite a baldness movement in one of the Madonna started nutritional therapy Association and created a whole new class of natural healthcare practitioners combine NTP's nutritional therapy practitioners were merrily graduate students and videos on her in sheesh shortages all-encompassing she was raising two children: nurses pay and staff and so your busy finances were a problem this is sure could take a check on your organic chicken cost him back something a lot richer, these are big chickens that will raise a local farm by the former that we knew they could feed a family of four your first century are we gonna $10 check was about MacDonald with the customer, big Mac shaken some fries you know cost about 10 bacteria in Holly denigrate you how the roads are have the time you absorb it have the time to couple even that you know is not a legitimate through the wore a really healthy things that you can make yourself for a fraction of what a prostitute she sick fast food so swords are just excuses about the role the most part once people are modest as both of our current callings is educating people once people really get which you can take control you can bring your food pushes back to local sustainable model you can enjoy the food more it's good taste better is good make you feel better and discover our support the local economy is just a win win win situation or you can go your alarm McDonald's Jack in the box and you can get your generic modified barns were you know the steps of the feedlot ways with antibiotics and member you'll catch up this for high fructose corn syrup and earned a you you really do pay a lot for that in so many ways so you know I don't I remember before I got this field I used you know I was addicted transferred to the lineup the Madonna idiots their love spells French fries and the really am going to beguile vows before you have battery of the legitimate service McDonald's plays in America today of providing restrooms artificially but you walk in the smell that we disagree those was Bishop you know what you what you healthy you really realised that that's really not good food is truly the scene things that used to appeal to the undertaking actually squeezing to fares going up and those that fail food and no tourists with a cards that have been clattering around with the same of Greece to be bemusing by the 12 years of Alexander that food and fair food use the smell so good but if I go back now to still do your erotica rest lovers display conceded that the wafting of that chemically rancid the smell of of fast-food and were used as neatly salivate now makes me a little bit nauseous and I think that really it's hard to explain if you have an experience that but if you begin away from that suffered a few months you just focus on giving real food approximately two and you write her wife sounds bad but you want producer has uses an appreciation for the quality of your body and anybody knows if you did you body sway 11 if you for that natural intelligence is really real food body nose in the same way that you know are dark and light cases will know that something has them yell mess with little bits enough for to buy there is this intelligence there were if something looks good that doesn't have anything to do with whether or not it's good for teaching my classes talk about is that all animals have the same sawing food so for example margin which is not food over the Tornado in a row to redefine needed you know who to take extra margin which is how the process your grant hydrogenated vegetable oils poisonous approval on a windowsill you take us to combine, right next to the bottle become all the flies will come on you know of the Executive Director software short unit et cetera et cetera but nothing THE margin because they all picking their food is based on the instinctual knowledge and in some we have within us that same instinct which but we exploit the advantages of's classes, will know testing will lead as we replaced our instinctual ability to choose a food with rental so now we don't choose based on what the body's tolerance with Tuesday someone mine is telling in so doing we make is that decisions you margin the site only body that no more all all you humans and stupid dodgy margins because this because there are some dogs you read about you a bit of that that is what they do you need to have whilst there are going to differentiate boat are no other animals what the emergence of Russian stupid dogs) the universe was a few months back with at the pictures that is no started there is a picture of an official multimedia scene and it's just looking at what happens in the course of weeks and the variety said all these's that have basically annihilated the stick of butter and other stick margarine there are like a couple of dead inside is perfectly that all the tap in safeguarding the can we touch upon above the Updike McRae what precisely happens when a food is processed was going on there why is it that welcoming family devoted to processing those referred to ancestral is a process improvement, unit drying and started to blow it can preserve the integrity and food within some cases like and or culturing vegetables are things like can actually enhance the quality of the food everything in modern food as we become about our shelflife and profitability so be use the cheapest ingredients and regularly make an American summer will spoil in the one universal thing about spoilage is that something always spoiled has the vitality to support microbial are organisms if if is not if it was support the life of bacteria used then agents were also so highly refined sugar should also sociable predict this should game you know and use a juice will spoil transform environments and minerals the chromium environment and will sustain life if you completely find out your wall sustain life in your Bob sugar a while so was for a young with such a outsource table in the same is true of flour in the reason that we have white flower is because one when we invented these processes from milling the grains in mass quantity you know in some had 1 billion to build a very cheaply but if you left the July member of Galileo in the germ then they would have propensity to imagine spoiled quickly but we can into white flower or else your last last four years so the same this whole arm processed oil being so were making progress very slow but no margin drug laws of another 85 years and this week just as very last week after 85 years the federal government in the infinite wisdom finally decided that is a toxic and should be in the food supply so we now know definitively how it takes federal government and people's plus protector food holiday takes them to figure out the food is toxic and is killing people and that's about 85 years so relying on the government tell you no protector food supply you know you'll be weighed email your through four generations in 34 generations of your website and in most of the in the places where the River hydrogenated oils now the replacing with things that are probably as bad made even worse is interesting fibre fats may be worse hydrogenated fats from the same reasons but don't worry you're within our aged 85 years the federal government should figure out the member freebie has taken a lot of food supply so notice after we have to take control Much of the government to guide you been highly manipulated by big food and began culture and people. Using some common sense commented Dr Young local sustainable food sources so fascinating was forwarded this movie many times before actually watching the first last night by the sharks recently much as the disease was just soiling green you're coming out in the in the 70s is incredibly prophetic years ago about like this fake food made out of soy being sold to everyone as the new health food market in the is crazy ways and my my worry the things that crazy are browser astronomical have a terrible thing to do better food supply Julie from waste product readers what the Elbe do regular in the modular. How we got them hydrogenated currency oil and food supplies are well priced somewhere above the couple executives from major cotton journal in the of these huge piles over received your start-up outside a factory in a row with the housing developments can't seem somewhat the other one another now you know the council needed to smart while we to do as we can we determine the Dail hydrogenated people to help food full-time as a polyunsaturated that the form I'm sure go by you know this country gets truly no so likewise with Rizzoli have some soy does have one redeeming quality enough to put nitrogen into the soil that is one of the reasons the farmers are growing so much about the was not much domain in our cultural force or insulator. Prior very best in the best of circumstances except or mediocre food in them and in the highly processed) every imaginable you know our concoction tells of it's good for us and muscular another complete soy Hayley nobility at the door people you know if you're Asian in your ancestors are being soy for 10,000 years and is properly prepared which? Our culture and arrears fermented you know it can be healthy food for some the of northern European descent in particular with repair united monastery place in our diet so was the Cornish And that the can of low-fat ideology about all this is deeply intertwined with a whole generics concept and are decisive and done by folks who currently do not directions or could you comment a little bit on the differences between say that the Weston a Price approach and in the love that approach sure while you know we have our just talking about variations in diet and done so Cornish is the program he never really just took a dietary approach took a more professional approach was about denigrating but the very low fat diet and any heater are a public exercise of meditation and the social interaction problems since the gathering he did shoulders not Alabama, he could reverse heart disease and heated. Reverse the progression of slow-moving cancers but having said that only agree with the with his diet that there's redeeming past Tuesday one redeeming part is that there was almost no processed foods in it and so I think and here's my my general words of wisdom is any diet that doesn't help processed food with a slot-hot white buffalo-that is healthier than any diet does contain passes with goods will-so one of the things always ends up happening with your vegetarian studies take a group of vegetarians maybe Seventh-day Adventists are something you hold nutritious vegetarian foods then compared against the American diet were very young of your feedlot had me in the hydrogenated oils very refined grains and anger notes which this is the standard American diet soda container low-fat vegetarian non-processed food diet with a high fat processed food diet of person in the narcotic is also a distinction people need to make is a difference between a diet that will sustain the person over the long period that healthy lifetime diet in the therapeutic diet because women we do know that there are times when your diet a macrobiotic diet the in diet can be therapeutic for some people for a period of time but that does not mean that the diet for that person for the life you had a memory skill level on the show shoes are just since you guys are forearm documentaries things to reasonably good friends to someone she wrote beyond procurement/tiredness anything to talk about. Who James in the James was a Texas rancher Gardner Was Calling out Rowan's Work to Do Anyway He Rejected the Idea of Chemo and Radiation and He Will a Macrobiotic Diet and Lo And Behold You Know He Cure His Cancer so What Happens When People Would People Make a Dietary Change like That in the Works for Them and They Feel Better That Go with It Make the Mistake of Being a Warrior Work for Me during This Period of Time so This Is the Direction I Should Maintain the Rest of My Life and That's Woodward James Deliberately Failed with the Ability to Is Canted over Time He Started to Lose His Vitality and He Finally Came to the Conclusion That the Diet That Was Right for Him When He Had Cancer Was Not the Dieter with Three Workshop Back to a More Balanced Diet My Macrobiotic Diet but the Data Was Nutritious Whole Food Nutrient Dense Wholefood Balanced Diet That Included Army and Was Low Glycaemic and Because the Cures Cancer Has a Vitality for the Council Roller Look for Is the Diet Will Sustain Us over the Long Period Suggested