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Release out to be here today with a good body of mind games UJ Ram Das and he is the cocreator of the five-minute journal and intelligent change recreates cool products that make people happier UJ is a big fan of the wilderness Easter and meditative practices and a good old copper T actually before we started recording this interview I was so jealous of UJ's cavity that I took a break and ran upstairs and got my answer to is to UJ thank you so much for that is a healthy habit feels good virtual tea with UJ has a guide so I'm so that everyone injured because you are created one of my favourite tools in all this world called the five-minute journal and its pen are supported by Tim Ferris a lot of really cool people who are massively productive and really interesting and achieve more than most people think was ever possible and I know that this is one of the tools desperately science to absolutely do that so can you tell a little bit about how you started this project and and what it's turned out to be at so we will firstly examine is a real pleasure and was asked literature is with your or property absolutely so the journal story occurs and appeared psychology in the change is gonna stop as this one I obsess about his work in Ashington doing a for several years but 56 years and was the one with a very mine as I can you get's in Asia background in e-commerce and be retired about stopping always marketing behaviour change in endings manager in the morning routine, retains and she was interested in introducing new every night for a was processor with was up five minutes Argentina try where I attending the et cetera this will be crazy good system sizes and we could bring to the world and be brilliant and worthless variable. It's just a really cool tool to have for ourselves to give morning in a and our businesses are now the just your go there down we launched it in May of last year and are really good ever since we were all distributors in inside the house thinking and everything we now enjoy years apart psychology and bringing people with easy easy to apply to use anything, is the end of the day have the hand that sticks that is easy to use/and genetics five minutes takes away your excuses takes away used time authentic time and therefore a warning in so the challenge is five days in find yourself significantly happier Stuart back your thinking about it so cool I love its simplicity so just rolled you out there who might not be familiar with what is it basically a souped up graticule it is done for you almost grouted your soak and you can do grouted people do just the plain notebook whatever what gratitude is is basically just taking a moment every day to acknowledge what is idle for and be present that and scientifically proven over and over again to improve happiness productivity using you my talking albeit about the science behind this because you're likely would just all will gratitude whatever have but this is legit I mean you can look at the numbers and see that people are actually improving their lives in massive ways by doing this practice absolutely nothing is important to distinguish between the while trashing to learn the graduate research that is supported by your numbers in against recognises Alabama's and I figures Alison appeal against another real end has to research what is clear is that is, kiwi emotion when transactions emotion there tends to be the opposite of depression resemble by asking you about is a stretch because it's difficult to figure enjoy stress vascular tumours language assault a seizure focus on in class researchers are X by our, and he talks about the improvement in just a few weeks weekly grouted in people in 10 weeks just every week right now things for increase the closeness of the bonds with the landmines they actually improve timed exercise 1.5 hours a week which is pretty significant desperately at the beginning exercise 1.5 hours more week exercising) is the difference between being fat and being totally ripped a rehearsal absolutely in increase processing motivation so people think things are for the people in this emphasise the people listen to to people more to reduce things from people and that's a significant indicator is how she do for others is a significant indicator is also significant indicator of how well you not how I feel in a significant a depression so people were clinically depressed or the time so less fuel to last tune numerically then people want that's so local circle and arm it is not just the journal itself though I really enjoyed the first it's not many pages but the ones that you have at the front of that book a really powerful some of the best quotes aren't on the my new others were new to me but the really really interesting as I think my share but highly I put that together but Mr so much for your life knickers this is what enjoyed anyway I will enjoy pursue wisdom in is not including going throughso hybrid bus to pick the ones that you are what your favourite city have my favourites is tough as a result our and like everything is in the journal the towards the end is this is more important than wisdom and the leaking of that is the understanding of wisdom here is is really important as more important than in any anything the my happier this is more important than this those of you on arguably point of the hearts of as a general I think this is an incredible tool in all positive psychology movement will look back to why this is important for your fitness and fat loss achievement and the rest of it but what is positive psychology and NYC catching on so much these days psychology are supposed to "psychology is in ADSL years of a formal psychological academia research papers error now persists as refrigeration is a wine ratio of staying negative emotions do not what so ever gatekeepers of focus and oppression in in what one with people scientists Jane because you feel you research the bogus time experienced emotionally and make up your happiness or your unhappiness for everyone ever on positive emotions and a papers for studying the action so that one paper accumulation of one papers is what is sponsor, is the study are part emotions is a performance is a study of people were already doing well isn't sure you're aware modelling success as opposed to which one with people inhabiting the shoe and this year so technology is if you get a continuum before before papers.

People from -10 to 0 and the particles books people to 0 can see that is way more fun you do with with the show as well take people who that there are no more origin of the best they could in boosted up to a higher level of performance and happiness in this alongside the shows that happier people simply achieve more ideas matter if it's business or are all the bodies and the on health or if it's you know high-performance athletics all this stuff really comes back to a mental work at at some point and so are one thing you talk about is happiness set point in how you can actually hack those two at higher levels of about what that actually means and how people can start from one place of their happiness level and then boost that up to the next levels of they can just achieve more absolutely so your zero can actually in-line and is actually the magic number 15 in which one is negotiable right and a few hacks you can view their significant first was a happy setpoint was a relief binary for one happy setpoint is according to size research about how ugly most people have a happy setpoint the people wonder why the people is our diagnostic chronic illness in the exchange in happiness.'s records a few years in the return back to the previous level of happiness and expressed on screen for one lorry that what people think would normally was happy significantly in the only other group that were significantly ill in the people typically in Mauritius) happiness is predetermined temperature is generic were set you can control right now with spin found out through the research psychology is a likely act is arranged just like physical fitness is like physical generics you can hack physical generics you can hack urology in the same way we hack advice and one-way spirit is honestly gratitude generally now there's a really interesting exercise that I have part of are about as you bring is this one time exercise actually was booster in happiness and in overall general business is pretty well this is people are the rusty is a business were asked to write a letter around you somebody that is not the expressly granted to you to write all out in the basement about like expressed in a frontier, is putting up to say hey I want you nothing learn nothing about what might tell you is most easement sometime when the person arrested the below to ministers is a really cool story that renders Iran's psychologists to and she was later released embarrassed toasters about letter and she felt it was bothers Pty expresses feelings to and unfortunately his sister Guy in Caracas and in many returned home he took the letter without any thought though the big time to specify films invariably like it happens when humans relet in her palace in high relative decline and end it was stronger for the day mostly became open in on a symbolical which other adherents from unit gratitude as it brings people closer together number one predictor of happiness is – and the closest of your relationships and kindness kind yeah and similarly is when you when you external lies gratitude to colour trends in the kindest of absolutelyB the core story everybody who's listening into this if you have all the transformer happens in all businesses tested six months later was a 17% jump from the baseline happiness, while said one thing is change whilst is a very powerful exercise it's going takes courage to because express something you expressly for the opening up parts of you that you might not have share people for your almost always is so tribal to you that and hopefully doesn't take something unfortunate or tragic have you and you can do little pieces of every single day select list morning rituals I've talked about this bunch of other shows but now you the master morning rituals the guy who actually made the tool that I use either pretty much every day what is the importance of a morning ritual and was a look like the