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for attending Robert Wood Johnson medical School tenure she practised medicine and why you were she studied ethnobotany in the culinary habits of her healthiest patients she currently runs a metabolic health clinic in Denver Colorado in serves as the director of the Los Angeles Laker's pro nutrition program data somewhat redrawn yesterday Dr share the thinking we've crossed bouts on many occasions bubbles start requiring a Was the first time we've actually had a face-to-face but I'm excited because your book is excellent I know everything that you put out there is is mind blowing to allow people who find it for the first time as evidenced by you working with the Los Angeles Lakers (aptly to Mary not beginning 24th she sports a day didn't do that in a second but as I understand the fact that Kobe Bryant respond broth may or may not be your fault is a right yes I would have to take responsibility for that one set and there are some chef at the league is selling a Mesa farm fantastic so bombard for revelries is really taking off right now what's your take on that why is it so so funny things that people use to deal time ago anything was happening as were just seeing a resurgence of stuff that people used to do a long time ago as the backlash to the fact that many people are then woken up by their own mental problems to the reality that we did not know what we been doing for a while here with diet and in useful is one of the weak are the four pillars of world cuisine these are four components that are common to all diets – will they really compose the entirety of our traditional diet exciting diet but are traditional diets that were in the day before quantities of such an issue and what Barbara does for us specifically is that when you boil cartilage material in wire with London as they were to get farm and some vegetables are French, meanwhile some tasty aromatics like carrots and celery it extracts compounds club glucosamine and liking and switched at Wake Growth hormone and growth serum are locality in a nearby college and is what makes your skin glow that makes your hair grow it's great for your joints and doesn't give Ferraris and you kidneys in your cat so plate occurs really like the fact that it's good for the Giants and so interesting actually has one of anti-inflammatory properties as well as supporting the general growth and development of joint material yet so that we actually use it a lot after acute injuries there was an incident in 2013 and believe against that they are harks when Kohli landed on summons in a really bad sprain and in car and it swelled up renal anaemia leaving and a bunch Barbara immediately as it had something made about the hotel and instead of being out for a six-week stay was originally predicted he was after 12 days organza really amazing anti-inflammatory from old-fashioned soup and what they do with their delicious chicken vegetable really well you know ethical argument freaked out right the that they think they have to go a slightly one round final bones bringing back Britain's huge but actually tits really about making all session soup the same way that almost everyone's grandmother used to run away like you said the doing in other countries right now but still make traditional foods is the right way to make soup instead of using his tangled your cubes are full of chemicals and knows you are actually using real nutrients from real animals that that hopefully wealthy to begin with being the Shasta this deal all this stuff anyway a relic in friendlies then Los Angeles and evidently she is at Korean and she is only timely about like how what can only do this carry and I did and one of the things in now left is the doorway and its bailout trying to use every bit of this so that when he mistakenly only seen when they make anything that they validate the band and selling used in carrying out the barn stack is as unlikely drinking it throughout the day because it's traditionally traditional households will always have some fun bonsai bubbling on the stove any flavour with other kinds of things ginseng in ginger and other carrying reason and it's just like it is literally like keys for the English have is a different kind of beer I remember the first time I had broth made with grass fed beef bones with American vessels very rich in nutrients that I wasn't really used to and I felt it in my brain in my head bars that this would explain within my 5 to 10 seconds there is something that can carry more rehab maybe the first of coffee or evidence that it's a is a right that is not generally it's like all this is what I was' having my entire life in a naturally skinny about it with a mayoral based because the barn may has different nutrients in the joints and so that's a different benefit that you can get from mayoral based on statistically differently radically but with now held that the joint downtown is Sally acids which are very special day as it switched to have benefit for our immune system they are seeking to benefit for rate that this is a homeopathic way of thinking about health the bone marrow of another has nature is very good bone marrow in our immune system is) I want to amplify – that don't necessarily get a line of those importantly glistening like unions from having a on brass that is made with bone marrow and with the line at the joint material there sleepers to different ways of making Stark in the bone marrow the barns are a lot easier to come by science actress while attacking about and chicken does make a difference as a whole everything is there were attacking about the staff the joint like this in great ease in B everything so it's quite experience training that into us at the Pat because of his supercheap, ruling that the Smoky Mountains will finally grass fed bones and joints Melbourne and even sometimes for a taller pounds of those it even just give us like 5 pounds because you to supply and man thing and I think you know when you start talking about the marrow bones joint bones chickenfeed things like that at least in America there is not much domain for yet but I actually read recently that almost all of or in a conventional chickenfeed ship to China because they have a huge appetite for their in other countries you find that the kind of eating the rest of whatever were not our expense in a lot of cases so as it's so important that your spending time getting people to eat good old-fashioned traditional food so let's talk about some of the other pillars that you briefly touch on earlier order meat is another big yes arguably are one of the ones that we don't have the best track record of making and taste good enough countries are likely now without reading and Emily now live people tell me that they crave liver or actually high in North America the cell but the reason he would wants to include all kinds of needs in your diet because of the fact that the me which is mostly what we get now we think of like what I wanted in haptic interface yesterday that its always nice to me as nutrition in the Albert Day after day after day the same nutrients over again you know a site and the proteins I in a small antiviolence that each bargain animals badly concentrated difference nutrients and so you the sufficiency in the diet of any given nutrient the average American is deficient in and the majority of nutrients and that we don't like have on the nutrition label like West ascending choline and vitamin B nine and stuff like this that that's why we have a comment that people now are buying because they are worried about the sufficiency of those other nutrients in the diet in if you like to make, that one lady do I bet if you really prefer real food where is how I provided you because you now when is Amin owing to the visual material can be adulterated like guinea and is usually traditionally did get your bet is the idea of the land people say like you are enough to get The idea of anomaly will deliver this way to making each experiment he wanted to try as he can experiment with the recipes manipulate right yes have a year summer species good viewing of dozens of much of this how you states could well we were and New Zealand was legally extended with my thumb operated by the butter and that was it any kind of like a to sell for usable food what about sortie due to the supplemental well things like desiccated beef liver"to make his invalid idea so allowance about tax and hence our me know when you the liver particularly if the declassification organ of the Barry White you willingly eating it give some tax and so this is vital part sorts and make sure that your animals at the end grass fed and living in actual life as much as possible and so you it's really worthwhile to go out of your way if you can afford it to get that upgraded quality of me because it is a completely different animal liberally than the animal has been entirely think he's been first in selection and alarm that when you were not organic food chain you're going to be getting the petrochemicals that are in the fertiliser as well as in the insecticides and so those will be bio concentrated up the food chain and the learner can be so good for is a budding just been aware being that any fatty tissue in arenas when the in the me if it's a fact that so if anything bar all the time of every food and along the lines about concentration when you now living a healthy bunch of egocentric bio concentrating the nutrients though bio concentration has a good side and side and it's better to get the gates I which your deal when it pasture raised but living in in the modern world toxins are assaulting us all the time is there anything that you recommend particular to mitigate that damage ya so you can of opens the door to a baby conversation which is that toxins that are contained in the food chain range but we don't talk about is toxins that are big pony of the food chain time composed substantial portion of the calories in your diet and what I'm getting to you is the fact that vegetable oils which we now consume in amounts never at the knob much never before in human history soils are toxic and they composed anywhere from 30 to 60% of the average American's diet calorie wise is it isn't same that no one is talking about this so innocent, dark calories because had I carried because they are this mysterious substance that examines invisibly watch cooking show on the seventh day while night is pouring your oil in and in many books specified it is the oil and am RS triennial and the shelter you all kinds of other stuff that tells the you are not a release or streaking the have free but the one telling about the Bishop oil which is can be the bulk of your Reason timepieces so this oil is eczema consuming when it@when it comes to soy were consuming thousand times more than we were in 19 9000 times more soy oil fields in the food chain nothing about here is another that you not ingredient rate at a major ingredient in your soul and there are few resources there is to investigate the consequences of this and am and CI Stockton in their blood way by the resolve that they find out what it is popularly website she did experiment was and linoleic acid in your mouth a humidity to the diet of rats and comparing that to you about your diet and begin normal retro diet and a and I are worried that if that was coconut oil and the rats that got the soya oil gained weight faster twice as fast as the rats using the regular rat chow and any more calories while so this is a real blow to the calories in calories out right people would say that our media is less active because it does happen as as farm people and you must gain weight a reduced calorie burn as well and that wasn't really tracked in but the polyethylene that however it happens whether it's through making your buying just become our machine and gaining weight or through making a baby seal and exercise the fact is this soy oil consumption in the diet at the mouth that most Americans eat will make rats that you sell a wealth doing the experiment it's just not called an experiment you see the results all round every day and it's scary but the good news I think is that restoring the poke into the mainstream local business, out a enjoyed reading about you to Murray's withdrawal at White House who came from this place of articles 24 cushy spores a day he had like sugar hidden ourselves as a I bet the task where Wilkie started and what happened at you intervention the 7 foot centre who is working with the leaders at the time and that I was working on this is the Indigo and am he had to had back surgery the summer before he started with the leaders and the reason are we really going forward was because he wasn't yelling properly from the back surgery anyone playing at the level that he wanted that any is why the Lakers won it and he was a was making funny moment where having a Twitter wisely and and used merino in the back surgery had left him with tingling making a speech but had tingling in the hands and that was a red flag to me that something was really wrong with his nervous system because their level workers back surgery wasn't slow down the spine should not have affected Italians and the fact that it was happening happening tingling in hands to me that there was something systemic going on and he was famous for reading candy when I met him after giving a tax about during a summary tours of the little brown bagging it has a sneaky sneaky palisade and overlaying any Ltd `E sell you something in any closeout reasons.
The and so I get that any have something in any closeout rollovers are seen as the and after lunch snacking on any income or David Hill secret regular union remake has he really wasted by the fact anyone making buying we we were able to innocent down and having a registered and hence help them understand the connection between his symptoms and their diet because at the top of my composition was a key percent by battle there's a lot going on can see in the form of overweight and of the Lakers because of very few of them really have any seriously issues relevant doing to help them was way other week to optimise the body composition much more easily understand the stammering diet if my OS but the other end of it is the vessel oils and sugars that most Americans don't know their consuming and getting out of their diet enables advice to heal deal from anything that maybe your if you are English lawyers ensure that the amount most Americans consume which combined the two together are up to around 70% of Americans calories the average person if you have any problem can heal as well while you're eating things and about anything whether it's Asmara or you're battling cancer for your wonderful memories trying to slippery bipolar disorder or even artisan has been resolutely ethnic that can show what happens when you take this junk foods away from their is that the child and released by the number of artistic girl and you get and a real food I the vegetable oils and sugars are right in with in few weeks is starting to talk what the new councils for the first time in life was focusing our people were saying it was incredible yet that's unbelievable what that brings us a guest to genetics now was another thing I really want to talk about with you because a lot of people have been tall especially the struggle with with the weight of their health that all is just in your genes is just another cause that you can delve natural for my early 20s I started the proms of my thyroid giving away a bunch of different things that's just the way it is rightly medicated for the rest your life but signs now it is starting to show that that's not the case that we actually have we can exercise quite a bit of power over our bodies performing function based upon that not just how we but also a lifestyle so you have yet epigenetic that the science of understanding how genes are expressed how they are activated by stuff that we do on a daily basis in a lifelike sleep an athlete small economy trying to get that kind of thing it's the owners as opposed to the only thinking was that your genes are hardwired as energy whether going to deal it's more like their software as well and are one of the ways that you can manipulate the iron buttons in your genes is through diet and other lifestyle modifications so why learn through all this was that they believe somebody has an illness there is a reason for it and when in general you can say that our genes have these expectations have these nutritional and lifestyle expectations and when we get said because one of those expectations or more was now met with the gene one to many times in the gene just doesn't functionary electronics bass when it should express 11 is now the letter could meet he sent so that it can be reversed potentially the things that cannot be reversed so easily are the letter code mutation so inadvertently these are some owners from from the rare genetic disorders were the cystic fibrosis people have the gene in the mutated and some cancers are now you have hardwired mutations in your genes even with that is a lifestyle the better the other genes can express and the genetic is really talented and really capable of adapting when one partner may not be working rates of like if you get a splinter in your town not fall down you have muscles they can accommodate in ages immediately below that you can stun the forensic and even you can kind of cover-up well we all have the potential in a cold or genetic code to develop a visit to see to solve a slight but the trick is when you live the right one for you when uniquely when you get sleep with you all fashion things that we can use to do as humans naturally all of a sudden it seems like those things don't come spring up as a problem like they do when people are on superstate the American diet and go back to the Dwight Howard you think looking at someone like that is a massive doodle super strong and is always gonna bend that Webber actually started following your advice I think I read that he got down to like from 6 to 8% by 33% body fat and/recovering a lot faster yet was quite alike in the house how loud it is Carolina Gallery can jump like another half-inch as the Telegraph that yes that will really teach was really really happy where's that in a once she got pissed about his diet he is performance was noticeably improved like being out of are saying things like the old ways back the next week break this was only after breaking had taken and the John Gareth I deliberately carried out in boxes and then by a week later he weighs you know not what allowed me to the issue ways that our newest roundabout get and people -type bar and if you do like this lady gets more and he just doesn't have a with reflexes they were was like he was wearing a method again and so that I never anything: this is easier when your nervous system is distracted by extraneous signals any just react properly and so on the way to developing a chronic pain syndrome you can really find a one Can get that the beginning of the changed life doesn't really quickly because he has us and you expect also partly because I think even sustaining it for himself even hope because after 16 months of not recovering in the performances going the wrong way he started out everything he can do that on the back armour arrived first roosters understand the effect that obvious lifestyle factors have on your performance the we view health that it's it's an empowering feeling because before that it's like these are the chords adult and if you did altogether or that the Williamson and do not perform like now you are all destroyed rightly or rocket the wrong kind of all you can actually control back the clock actually this oil liquid aids okay he has is that traffic is unhealthy the kind of tactic that has is as because it & it can't actually stress that the free radical smoking causes acne extracts and we know smoking has effects on the skin and the ones that essentially exhilarating vegetable oil doesn't just affect your skin and your family take into my becomes you can't every part of your body and every tissue in your body so every tissue in your buying is essentially going to be subject to an accelerated ageing process then how exactly that manifest is different in every unique generic meaning individual some mighty fine lithium history that is exactly what the somewhat unpredictable it is predictable that something bad will happen and that covers beginning out of your diet so think of is now as as though 60 years ago Americans entered unknowingly into a massive medical experiment where you started in one looking at is extremely cheapest possible through the vegetable oils are very cheap to produce cheap to manufacture long shelf like they make everything he put them in and have a long shelf life so there using the given process food and lots of blood sugar reading through carbohydrates and am you have a disgruntled analyst and this is an experiment see was a little experiment, Minnesota coronary experiment that started by the Senate in Minnesota in late 19 by many have yet in the cookie theory with battery that caused taxis right arm and other things heard that theory and yes with an experiment were insipidity designed to diet one letter had such a bad idea the weather best boiled iron business was twofold and in the vegetable oil would lower your cholesterol and powertrain way to reduce rates of heart attacks/and reduce state so what he did what he had about the new people recruited into the study in the first phase of the study was simply to just into the question does lower cholesterol means with it in lower class dropping significantly lowered Tom Little made up 30 points but the study was never published until recently when a medical investigator years are little Christopher Ramsden at the National Institute of health the from our because the malingerer leading with the and slides background briefing and looked for evidence of that secondary endpoint which is we know what they never published what did it reduce arteriosclerosis didgeridoos and in the attacks strokes and and he found that no offence it seemed like it was a definite trend in others and points to the experimental diet in the best boiled iron computer this essay that I could be anywhere you like the ring experiment people would die and have a more attacking strokes never published and was never published in oh be either into pieces and ego any just with have people unite healthy foods can be shown to be wrong because it sums industry conflict of interest that you know I don't know about you that is much in time at the Saturday diet in one butter it was Marjorie and is loaded with trans fat and sulphur with these vegetable oils to be actually worse then transfer means you trick is so that they like it when Newark's CEN some other capacity so and this was worse yet and so you might this is that I feel like keys and all the people that were participating chillers because when you separate teams to health and you find something that is really unhealthy that kills people any wire ego or whatever that have you have skin and you have killed people and how many millions of people have heart attacks and strokes from believing in this video we know we America is still pretty appealing in this medical experiment were were consuming unprecedented amounts of these special oils that are full of polyunsaturated fats that are loaded with toxic material that promote this actually stress and it seems safe to say that this experiment is not trivial or that while a unite in terms of experiment is business success because the experiment has an outcome that delivers results like the that the really successful at nothing in the results are really bad and we know we should have this experiment because we can resolve this ended a long time ago and you receive the scene at because this will be coming we know we have the data that was now finally published in was the British medical Journal about the oddest of 2006 showing that there is a definite trend towards increased tax increase/increase sewing but if you are risking their chemistry which is lighter binding nutrition get people can understand the other results of this experiment we then for the union has generic effects not just genetic but mini letter code generic effects the children the children and their and it also has its oxidative stress concept stress legacies, like the Graves' disease maker is why a car vegetable oil liquid age because if you go to any member meaning you look at the cause of any medical problem you a chronic disease problem whether things like disease or disorder or) oxidative stress you're going to see a connection there and when you are consuming 40% of calories from this stuff that promote oxidative stress boiling a thing as everything in history when any other that I go out on a limb and say more so than smoking because again into by features and were were weaning children on this stuff you and formulas may have the staff so the experiment has shown to be the biggest most humongous health catastrophe and had it in our current health system is basically the economy rate is that there is a fictitious pharmaceutical industry lavatory bowl this is a big however economy then any other component of the company and it is not a get were not making people healthier were were just selling drugs your little thing you mention in your book people assume that medicine is just science really but it's really built to be a business and that's another big problem with with and in reason why were at greatest experiment even though we have the resulting capacity while because it turns out well enough selling cheap food is good for business is good for the people make people who treat the effects of the food and and I know that you know when I graduate in school I was essentially a worker in the facility where there are conducting experiment I was telling people to keep eating your unhealthy food and when your problems come back and senior prescription drug that problems can you make if you are doing something proactive right in.anyway I will make sure that we also cover our symmetry because there was one thing that really stood out to me in your book is something I've always tried to focus on art as as a runner and as an athlete really extends to your entire life and when you look at people who have been eating traditional foods in the way that they were raised we can keep people healthy cognitively at the beginning is going to go a long way municipal estimated that you know there may be as many as a hundred million Americans that are prediabetic and has a very large statistic meaning in our that's almost a third of our population are and wipe the hard to conceptualise for most people is anything else that you you can do all people could you home listening right now to really. Still it should when making your plate putting honestly considering writing well and emphasised the one point there is the time comes and is imaginative radio five he flipped a coin to determine that, you are not your as you end up in the dark as artisan and you said it only 17 folks this is James and thanks so much for joining us on fat burning will help you look feel and be your absolute best today were she was returning storefront Tim Ferris to deconstruct the most transformative habits you can learn from the top performers in the world. Wisdom from the Gov Schwarzenegger unusual mental Derek Severs Richard Branson and other modern day Renaissance men and women coming up on the show you'll hear how to make healthy habits stick this New Year the curious reason to moor the scene jeans and T-shirt four weeks regrow stem trust in a world of phonies and blowhards and even how to save your marriage for years the interview he was a bit of breaking news that a little hard to believe a hundred yards with youth Google just sent me an email reviewing the 16th annual year in search -related live the most popular searches around the globe and based on trillions of searches while diet was named a top global trend for all of 2016 so I can only thank you Google thinking at but most importantly safety you your listener on top of that this podcast back has now reached number one in health five years in a row more than eight countries around the world with tens of millions of downloads and a fricking crazy so I just Wanna reiterate everything for this time of year and we couldn't do any of this without you so I'm sincerely thankful that you believe in what we do not adjust listening to Fabry men for the first time another one welcome the party to quick factoid fat burning man doesn't mean the show is just for men or all of the burning rating like that in this case men is meant to mean mankind in fact I make a point to keep the show fairly friendly and freed everyone know what talk or answer or anything like that you may also notice that on the show you want your bunch of sponsors advertising over and over again we decided to do things differently when I was in the body as myself personally and I do listen to a lot of and the didn't click these days but I'm totally turned off by the ads and adjusting the whenever you go on the Internet of eternal advice women.sometimes will be bleeding as you age as me crazy as somebody is creating part yes I totally understand that when you have too much advertising it weighs time in the ruins of five so my wife Alison and I decide to bring this free show you without outside sponsors this year and that means were getting a little bit creative because the bigger the show gets Microsoft tens of millions of downloads so it cost money to produce the show but were getting creative and we enjoy a good challenge to stating from big news along those lines but first here's a view the document on iTunes is once then he says read your book and start listening to the show back in September today down £47 with another 22 about my high school with your group and look forward to each show all the £47 was performances fricking incredible to keep us updated my mount is another I just came in from show he says I've been transitioning to the wild eye over the last few months and taking a holistic approach to my lifestyle I am no longer on any prescription medications I was often sick and I'm glad to say that those days are behind me I'm hiking rock climbing and even backpacking again and monies used to be so bad that I could leave the job without terrible pain and armouring to 3 times a week as a meditation session I presume what you Arsenal doing for the health community would shortly so much for sharing your story and you know it if you do listen for what I enjoy those as fun runs with a dog that can moving meditation of the product something else was this is how the secret was you handled your nutritionist or even good real foods energy back makes things like hiking climbing and running finally get you to something with all that energy supplements are a similar experience when I was overweight and sick in my early 20s as listeners will also totally agree with that in light of the New Year let's reflect on another inspiring story the story of man was bedridden for 13 months with $1.2 million in medical bills when on to drop £87 and rockclimbing himself because it was the last genuine ABC was crazy enough to cast me with a starring role as an expert coach fitness and body transformation competition with perhaps the silliest title of all time my diet is better than yours starring John T was truly able James J Lo and $.50 trainer Jake radio timeline and other people will work watching Alec to say that the show is just about enough to be timeless and unique premise puts coaches like me on the chopping block week after week now if you want a bit of motivation to get fit this year you can watch full episodes of our ABC show on who and even YouTube these days just search for my diet is better than yours and able James you can also find some of the best clips of the show including me running sprints dressed in a full body baking costume, joking that burning man.com just typing that burning man.com from any device have a good laugh and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for more free goodies just to quickly get in week one my contestant from Atlanta Georgia transformed into a fat burning beast with my plan the while diet enjoying grass fed cheeseburgers that he can't even a bit of chocolate we finished week one in first place winning number one in both the way and in the fitness competitions after just six weeks of being on a while diet purchaser whopping £50 no longer needed any of his prescription medications and drop nearly double the body fat of the other four contestants were on other plans like the feeding diet Buddhist low-calorie diets low fat diet things like that so we had a little bit different motor going on and that became obvious as the show went on's wife Alicia even lost more than £30 in six weeks by going wild in people magazine featured us in a full page spread and even made cameos on entertainment tonight and unnecessary censorship on Jimmy Kimmel live which is totally surreal when crude dropped its old £87 in three once on a show we are overwhelmed with positive support and feedback from you guys are once again I just Wanna see a later article all the time we send each other so we get millions that were both so grateful for you and your support along with a little lifelong journey so thanks are being honest with us that help you make the best of his New Year's momentum we do, not if you feel stuck with stubborn body fat ill-health you all to herself to watch could transform for your eyes cultural America that you really can be happy and healthy at the same time and you can do to if you really shed that fat intake to help in your own hands today listener were running a three-day wild challenge and you can join us right now you'll get instant access to best workouts meal plans quick start guides on your on video and more with a 30 day while fat loss system feature on ABC TV the entire system with 230 day meal plans that an extra 30 days of done for you meals these are the exact meals and recipes I gave the Kurt and Alicia were coasting on ABC television including the chocolate pudding which became world-famous and of course the cheesecake you can get it all with six bonuses for a limited time using this special link from any device type in fat burning.com/30 days that the number 30 D a YS so fat burning man.com/30 days or features Wanna dip your toes in the free Quickstart guide sign up for the free newsletter at fat burning and I can't be sure to next week for groundbreaking episode with the always terrific Dr David now on show the man who seeks to be healthy wealthy and wise the tomb various about to learn the surprising benefit of listening to a singletrack of music over and over again really can I do this one to the power of cultivating empty space or how I became a multiple award-winning songwriter and is another story for a little show how to be the one person in a hundred to actually keeps your New Year's resolutions and much more was going out to right folks returning to the show this week is the human guinea pig fell apart yesterday New York Times bestselling author Mr Tim Ferris's latest book stores of takings the tactics routines and habits of billionaires icons and world-class performers in man is a doozy thanks much of the consortium are my pleasure installed so many people might assume that top performers are perfect but that's not exactly how works right so with this from new book and I quote while Tim Ferris is a mess so-yard the he the goal of the book as was as multifold several goals and one of them was to encourage people and reassure people by showing that across disciplines whether you're looking at retired generals special operations commander is the CEOs of companies are you all know by name billionaires quiver might be a household name actresses and actors et cetera that they all are flawed creatures just like you and me they all have their weaknesses and securities it on big mistakes and that they've learned to develop habits and routines and so on all round one or two strengths that it is enough to put you the top 1% of what everyone a deal at the city you will have timbers as I can imagine done that I was still the introduction where I talk about two chapters in particular the book just to show what my bad days look like in the at their really bad and describe the coping mechanisms I use when I'm babbling my own daemons are in a dark phrase or just ahead cannot simulate a great screwing one thing up after another and I have a littered mess of disaster behind me and seemingly out of me what radio and these are situations we office so that user as was the genesis of the while to verses must have component a what interesting things thing that happens we start to doesn't bump into people at the top of their game, what the domain it is now what recorders by the diesel 100% real people some more than others that are pushing a lot of cases you find that there are lodgings in on the don't worry about that because they're so busy usually doubling down on extreme gift that they have that they've built over the years that really brings the most value to everyone around them here Yates it's a pity practice of learning to try to leveraged multiply your strengths as opposed to fix all of your many many tiny weaknesses which is not a higher return activity other order will be making Safina weaknesses or mission-critical competencies that you need to have in any given field but those are all coachable learn more skills and so in two stains whether it is is looking at military venture capital software development should headed Shas memory champion you would do fine commonalities and will have observed is that after doing 200+ of these now in AI should also just mention that the book is probably 60% or so lessons from and my favourite tactics and so on that I have tested from these 200 guests across all domains but for the Bush turn is all new advice from Glasgow's new guests Jack Dorsey to our Twitter square and original chapters from Mehsud sits least because of the winners you said to doozy 74 pages not intended to be readied as a vote that I could use your own adventure book of the face subdued 50 pages be thrilled but that the point being that I guess all round was to some mouth interesting idea gorillas maybe 303 pages is all revenue never before seen tasks and the person they go about the top 1% is that you're defining a given field in my experience the pure the best really the best video top 1% have more in common with people in totally different fields: that I want then they do with the bait the beep is and see players in their own field find a light of current parents alike own parents with six outings well something we remain in those systems apparently daily mindfulness practice that more than 80% decline reviewed and enacted many forms of soda it's not just medication sitdown and almost just that because that drives people away drove me away from long time it could be listening it could be listening to a single music track on repeat one forgets using as an extra module of athletes do that a lot of writers and coders do that in's so whether you are listening to the Western we can soundtrack as our tunnel is famed rock climber dies or listening to a singletrack as you are creating WordPress which now argument redemption of the events that's I consider that a tour of mindfulness because it bring focus and meet new aware of is that there can also be Princeton's Maria over is incredible and runs this cycle brain pickings highly highly intelligent site one-woman labour of love that system, which is able to laugh and she listens to the same guided meditation at audio to free online from current rock the RAC HUS leader in the Institute doesn't hen smile meditation if you look for that you're finding is that there is an MP3 placed on it by minutes and reputable credit style were changing life and Maria is a hardcharging ultra producer of high quality rating amenities just mind boggling she was every morning so if I hear that once or twice the number of all the ginger betrayal and test. This really weird stuff to like you mentioned and Ina were chatting before the co-star Ed and I crossed that superhero ahead in our great guy and a sushi along is recruiting legendary music producer and a few other people introduced me to the chilli pad and the chilli powder came a left cooling never looked for and I consider myself pretty pretty hit and on the cutting edge like this but it is a device that allows input a thin sheet under your normal bedsheets on your side and then as a benzo contraption struggling to waddle through at an exact temperature you setting to provide reasonable is AED 300 and that has been the complete game changer I have one curious anyone a leader and I never would have spotted that is apparently not done these to the three-hour areas south ladder with a lot of weird stuff unusual stuff but all very useful and that my my bidding process was looking at 10,000+ pages transcripts rate setting it down to the things I had tested and used produced unusually good returns in my life like small input in large in output out bites it so it's it's been a wacky dream and I mean I never thought I was podcast longer than six episodes but you are rushing just as going down I did earlier disperse million and jam it while it was the advisor before it is the chilli pad I believe you can see thousands of marriages I totally totally get you fighting over like a leg over the pillar look leg of the blanket leg and tearing the sheets are opening the window finding air-conditioning is away only and also this so that the singletrack thing is vastly be my first book was about music and the brain, the science behind how music and can also bring your performance and that was the first time value your booking when you don't develop that the singletrack that I could other people doing exactly for years in one of the reasons it works so well is because I don't have to pick up music if listen to the same thing to get into that that state) riding or exercising performing in some way it's it's almost like a queue that gets you ready to perform more than music itself read your absolutely at the almost as an extra monitor science a transcendental meditation which which came like visionaries on Twitter for instance did TM for a year and then start in the 70s but says that the benefits are persisted for decades which is kind of interesting to consider and is a sign of reveries and seems a lot of men grabbed it to trazodone additional women gravity or end up with the possibility should why there is no issue exceptions like Sam Harris is a sombre pass and there's plenty women duty but statistical your percentage wise I will really preclude split the monitor in TMS European unit it's a nonsense syllable to basically and that allows you to override and a sense the monkey mind that would otherwise be ricocheting around your head with anxieties in debt and to-do lists and petty grudges whatever might be a slap monitor is a focusing device think that you will externalise that when you ticket tracking rebukes and then to about the government later when I remember when you do you guys were talking on on your porch as you mentioned that once you learned mindfulness also is meditating into his biceps when he's working out and he applies it to the court to rely cited is less about what your particular monitor is a necessity only you get only one anyway but it's more about teaching that that mindfulness practice that you can later apply to being stuck in traffic or you know you're actually making your to-do list you can take deep breaths and selling yourself your is our view meditation I did 20 minutes and Morton typically other systems of the short are you something like headspace and 10 minutes with a guided which is the easiest is a good place reliably. Certainly the way the meditation is a lumbering up in a warming up of attention to your thoughts for the rest of the night so you so effectively what's happening is your thoughts get carried away the drift after singing gunners were the new real back in to the monitor audio something else altogether limitations like looking for something a stopping about Warner Brothers and then the new reeling in is the wrap rates you do that and you're doing it in a controlled environment where you are at your house such as six so what is that like that I go to the gym and warming up with 4040% of your working with tiger cages which were joint working okay this is just risk mitigation and warmup of meditation