Zen Gem 7: The Importance of Strength Training. Circuit Classes at Physio Lab, Centre Centre Leeds, Yorkshire.

All this definitely not something that you can just do in a week in a month or even a you honestly nutrition is something I plan to keep my eye on the rest of my wife as soon as you drop the ball on nutrition close to you for making progress and even better at translating that progress into lessons that other people cannot talk if you'd like to get started you waiting for you can join our next group challenge in the fattening tribe all you have to do is take this address into your device right now fat burning tribe.com just type it in phone tablet computer doesn't matter: all them just typing that burning tribe.com whether you have £100 to lose for the stubborn last five or 10 start challenge today from any device just type in fat burning tribe.com you'll get done for you wild meal plans members only coaching sessions and giveaways my exclusive workouts and cooking classes in all the tools you need to give results last or if you just want digitals in this try a few freebies to see if the wild that is right for you you can visit fat burning.com son for my newsletter and I'll send you seven days of new plans along with some free goodies you have to see to believe so that a fat burning.com all right on the show with Danny you're about to learn how to breathe if you want to lose fat walk and run with gravity instead of against it the three biggest mistakes you are probably making when you run much more is going out there alright folks Danny Dreyer is the author of Chi running one of my favourite books of all time amino acid then he has been revolutionising the running for nearly 20 years his work is based on its 18 year practice of Tai Chi and his 45 years of running racing in coaching thousands of runners include myself in energy efficiency through prevention and intelligent movement Denny also co-authored with his wife Catherine Chi walking in she marathon which have introduced the world to the concept of approaching running walking sports in general is mindful practices he has run 43 ultramarathon answers finished in the top three is age group in 40 of which is absolutely incredible Chi running is now taught in 12 languages and 22 countries across the world by over 200 certified instructors Denny they kiss a magical back at the show a military grade to be back during my favourite guess I can wait to get started with this one because we didn't need to replace your last this rayon I could buy Corel replaced life replaces as the beautiful year-end that the problem is though is that most people running when I look acquire mechanics of how people are moving its Street Hall the RNLI that is the top buildings and then it's up right guy can help you sort out this dismissal of the biggest mistakes that must be protected Apathy something about the 20 Years but I Finally Boiled It down to like 33 Things That People Derived so I Came up with Three Things That As People Are Also Anyone Learn to Run That They Wanna Get What People Get Faster in the Beginning Runner and Still Get and so I Came up with the Three Biggest Mistakes That Keep Runners from Getting Faster and This Applies across the Board from Beginners All the Way through Elite Runners so the First One Is Most People Don't Run Using Their Hallmark, Just Use the Bridge with the Legs It's like from the Waist down and Let It so A Lot Of Chi Running Is Based on My Practice of Tai Chi so It's All about Your Whole Body Every Body Cooperates That You like, Overwork That's What That Another Reason Why Most People Get so Many Leg Injuries Scores Are Overworking That One and Then the Second One Is Most People Don't Change Their Running Technique Relative to What You Need so People Are Running on the Gabrieli Run the Same Way up the Hill As They Do Downhill Same Way in to a Head When the Same Way You Know Whenever They Do They Always Run the Same Way As It's Really an Official That to What You're Doing so I Always Go Back to My Practice of Tai Chi, Gives the Polities Why Would They Have the Same Respect and American Throws at Me yet in the History so You Need to Learn How to Change Techniques and Then the Third One Is to Gain Speed A Lot Of People Don't First Get Really Quite Slows Them down before They Start Doing All the Things That Help Speed Them up Because If You Do More Conditioning More Speedwork All That Stuff and Usually Poor Technique Then You Can Be Running Faster but Being Still Really Inefficient Year Too Much Impact Imagery Use One Thing at the Other so Those Three Things I've Come up with There Are Really Comes down to 3 Things from Us People yet Is Now Running with Your Body It's Not Changing a Technique Relative to What You Need to Do and Not Getting Rid of What Slows You down so I Guess We Can Talk about Each One of Those Glossary at the Good News Is That There Is A Lot Of Walking through Most Right Because It Just Isn't This Limbs Flailing People Are Reeling and Renewed Worries about but Mostly It's Not and Not Efficient You Can Tell That Do Not Running with Technique That's That's Working. If the against That Slimming the Joints It's No Wonder That That People Have As Many Promises That You before I Proper Running Technique I Was Pretty Fast As Many Races Growing up My Ambitions but As Soon As I Can of White That Was the Thing Where I Have To Your Dialler Back down for a Couple Weeks Stay off It Gets Lower Than at Fast Again Gets Shin Splints of I Need Have You so Go up and down the but I Think Almost Every Runner Has Gone through That at Some Point You Know in Most Places Where You Are and You Don't Actually Want Runs the Occasional Run 5 Miles and As Is Another… They Just Do Exactly so When You Say Running the Unified Body. Was Them in a Case of Example the Human Body Moves How Most People Run As They Push up Their Legs Pushed the Body Forward with That's the Big Thing and You Were All the Running Injuries Are They Happen Generally from the Knees down so When You're Pushing out with Your Legs Your Using the below Lake Really A Lot Move Your Whole Body for so That the Small Muscles in Your Bank Video, but You Get Is Always Strong Core Muscles in the Middle Than a Built Moving Your Legs Why Would You Want Just Use the Very Tail That Wags the That That's Good Easy or Efficient and so Were Trying It Actually People to Remain Only Work More from There, but Also Engage the Upper Body so Much That You Can Do with Your Provide You the Whole Idea of like Leaning Forward so That You Engaged, Gravity Is an Assessed Fate That Helps You Receive to Push As Much with Your Legs You Can Also Bring in Your Arm Swing and Few People Are Taught What to Do with the Riots so People Tired of the Downswing Rider They Get so Much Tension from Rolling around but It's It's Really Learning How to Get Your Arms to Cooperate with Your Legs Swing Yesterday That There's This Nice Upper and Lower Synchronicity Enough Residency) Beautiful the Watch Is Really Beautiful Are Watching You Know It's When You're Running Balance When Every Part of Your Body Is Playing Its Proportional Wall Then Either Isn't Any Pipe That Overworks so You Know I Am Tai Chi My Tai Chi Instructor Would Say You Even down to Your Fingers Every Party by Guessing about but Your Fingers Are Not Involved in the Quakers Are Pretty Small but Every Part of Your Body Is Proportional to Its Size Is Very Marxist at the from Each According Max Is Running the Tiny Feet in the Tourism Small Cancer When Realises Only A Few Studies Tony Drago Five Run You Really Appreciate Tutors Are All Limping That the SO How You Hold Your Hands That Makes a Difference You Your Illness Where You All Must Makes a Complete Difference in the Muscles That Are Used to Cure Your Arms Your Hand Position and A Lot Of People Run with Their Head up You Know When You Think about Your Is 15% of Your Total Body Weight Your Head Tilts Back As Ideally As There Are Mass in It's like Your Boys Go Now When You're Training for You Works against You so It's Really Getting Your Whole Upper Body to Cooperate with This Nice for Movement and with the Colour Balancing the Movement of Your Lower Body so I Say Whole Body That I Mean Is Just Really Becoming Cognizant of How a Research Really Does Play a Role yet so Not Eight Byte Engaged in a Way the Right You're Definitely Not Tight Because the Whole Idea in Any Kind of Really Efficient Movement Is to Have Your Body Aligned Well You that centreline through the million years were is the only that tightness is cannabis and gathered in (you can feel that when you're running and balance your and anything that requires everything outside of especially when you are Runner Walker sometime in the moving athlete everything about the moving parts your arms and legs and hips and shoulders needs to be as relaxed as possible it's like it's holding you back from when you could have your just get ahead of ourselves everything also applies to walking so even if you not run this visit was the movie like are sitting in and I found the runny particulars agree please to learn a lot of the skills that we reply to sitting and standing another is a really important because it out there it usually when you are running out of it's the only thing that you are doing right gas music is but but you're paying attention and sometimes in today's modern world it's pretty difficult environment in front of screens and computers people around so going out and going for a walk and trying to apply some of these things is a fantastic way to do it you can learn so much very quickly incredible melanoma that the core thing is that most people spend way more time sitting and walking than they do running right so that the bulk of your life is not running and it's what you do the rest of them so this is a great way to really pay attention to your body the rest of the day because if you run for an hour a day 45 minutes is just that it looks done yet but you know you're sitting in your car driving is today asking walking across the road to get your car when that's when you bring in all these other pastoral focuses you can relax in practice moving and that's why it's really untrendy people in this whole idea any mindful practice doesn't just less than an hour a day that You like You Do De La when you patting Obi-Wan when you do go out to run it's like everything comes together in a thrilling race up now you can I totally focus on it because that's all what is that all you doing here now number two you said was people change their technique these different positions based on different rain whenever you're up against what is the best way to to engage that's curable what you doing to adjust well the best way to learn it obviously is to throw yourself in all kinds of different and adapt Jane and the best way to do that is really through licensing the link name through all that she running workers just by sensing and anybody who is trying to be there athlete work grow in their practice that wine requirement you can learn since your body so you learn how to tell even if you don't usually see something different going on molecule in your body only I am feeling just a little bit more tension here feeling a little more work happening I could be running along all of a sudden nothing attention and look around and I'm going uphill also logon while waving what just happened you know it's feels to move when you realise you running only just got all I money what changes can I make to make the skill easy so that you shorten your stride you lean into it you you know you do a number of things to make an adjustment soak by throwing yourself in all the different circumstances you really get to practice all the different one so you throw yourself into hills you throw yourself into a headwind you throw yourself in the downhills or in the rain or in called work in a crowd or on sidewalks and streets are candid roads you know all these different circumstances be thrown at you and so you need a practice the gullible focuses takes to adapt bring them up to what you doing so any martial artist for this comes from she running any martial timing Tai Chi any martial artist has to come up against an opponent sometime and you never know what the astrologer the guy might kick you one for your next so you need to know what to do in every single circumstance you practice with a partner that pulls you the choice to kick you punch you and then you learn your natural responses so you were unwell and have that it almost becomes intuitive so that when it happens you like right there just is a response and so that's the same thing with running walking whenever you come against whatever nature throws at you if it's a racecourse whenever that throws at you you have the right response and then you really mess during your movement in in the moment and by then the practices being in the moment which is everybody's practice that city) and because of good training for being present that was running musical my first training in mindfulness meditation without me knowing what it was back then that was definitely what was what was happening I think one of the reasons I like both of those things so much is that limited to those things that I think the more that you engage in mindfulness which combines with by sensing and that other kind of sensing of your define it that that comes with adapting to the situation those skills study branch out into all different parts of your wife and it's really a beautiful thing when you're playing a tiny colony drummer I am liking stake, was really cool be like stay with them like you know adapt quickly enough and that's when it gets really caught you playing with other musicians everybody's cleaner different instrument and you can rally your blend with everybody and that's the whole idea of you know what you're getting with music to extend that a little before the if I am only playing deaf milk guitar in a really hard to chamber someone who is due no playing bluegrass faults are so if you're always running on the hardtop seems speed seem racecourse or whatever you and your building deficiencies in factory building in balance in your body so what ways that you can remedy that to make sure that your you are in balance in your practising balance and step O first one is awareness be aware that you have a tendency to bring about, so you live in Florida is always flat the same terrain advisers here or there two-dimensional so you can start figuring out how you can actually throw in the circumstances when the circumstances don't exist okay so when I was training in what I find biking right side like wind my way up to the top level I did freeway ramps you know anything that gives me a little elevation if I couldn't find that then prison suppose running a really long flat that I would run along and every few miles I would run as if I was running up a hill so I'd lean more I pick up my feed is higher I change my stride so if you don't have the circumstances around you you need to create the circumstances as if you buy your product onto your body DSL and in other you can that's one way to do it you can change various parts of your body if you prisons live in a place with not a lot of external changes going on you can switch between just running with your upper body for a while just running with your lower body for a while just completely running out of relaxation for a while you really mix it up so that you are challenge yourself right sellers are you get really creative with this you so what you are a these days especially a run with my dog chiselled places the pouches are just variations of perpetual puppy and its instead of fighting it I like to have fun with it's all go and run together instead of you want big problems with certain types of training including running for a lot of people but as well as cross fitting in some other ways of training is that the only training certain ways of moving back from back and to the side but none of those moves that are a little bit diagonal all the business units were supposedly all over the place puppy dog rights over all what I like to do as we go out to the Department just cannot bounce back and forth in authoritative directions and injuries each are not even do that if the trails will be empty in one spot all start running diagonally up purpose and I can I find them engaging a lot more of my body in my mind exactly that's why love trail running coming in at such a natural fit because it always comes up different every 10 seconds right and that's the beauty of it but if you don't happen have that then yes you gallop through in artificial life suffered in pockets of the vote number three was to gain speed most people don't get rid of what slows them down yeah people think about this most people you got any training site logo okay university okay 19 days ago enables you do the letters and light yellow splints and Hollister and most trainers are into cardio aerobic fitness in our unit training aerobic is to give better your muscles to be struggling to be strong what I've found is that a lot of people still carry too much tension in the body they don't work on the range of motion in us of your body doesn't good range of motion how you can longer strike the level illustrate how we can run faster and so range of motion relaxation about you both your hips and shoulders you know how your arms swing hanging makes swing and it's also what slows you down also is when you're not really aligned with the direction you're headed right so there is efficiency and how in your movement so if you're in a viewer like Rocky Balboa although I do know that rider is inefficient if you bounce up and down the other side can work in now if your tension if you if you just one of the legs and don't swing your arms so there's always ways that your body can slow you down or make other parts you body have to work hard so you get rid of what slows you down and some people the biggest thing I see with people that slows them down is that they don't take advantage of this whole process of falling forward yes goes as you older people are afraid of falling so they'll be back after that we may had when they are younger and so when they start running upright the physics changes yet all the physics changes of the new year now working with the Polygram are actually working against the Polygram so so it's co-operating by meaning copying by relaxing covering by finding the years you've either just don't work with the rest you know and contribute their fair share the so let's a little bit about she running taking off in each fascinating now you been working with with Westerners for a long time now we we come to the table with a lot of baggage and with a lack of understanding about certain other things like like Chi how is that different when you're coaching people in Asia of this liberally worlds apart everybody in the West is really into results in a and others how fast can I get to know how far can I get how strong can I get this in a so people come to be overtime trying the better in that kind of way in measurable ways it's not to say the people in Asia are interested in speed but they are really respectful of the process of getting there you know and under the thing about this whole thing was started in the Cisco care started in the West so that's been my challenge is introducing how to move from your salary this whole concept from tai chi had a moving receptor and relax the moving parts in order to become a better runner having agreed to send you running wealth for the first 10 years people are going away This is like such wilful stuff I as I can write of this economic me granola next and I'm going I feel like a salmon swimming upstream you like what is cheese that will act as one tour, similar in the festive and when I got Asia people are Gyan she oh my god this is like so called because I've been hearing about this my whole life I grew up with that we know what she is life force energy we work whether we do it tai chi is a part of our culture of martial arts as a part of the culture and so explaining what your salary as you don't hear or what she uses them like me explain you were not sale chicks in other respects, virus there are worse so they understand that she thing in the beauty of what's happening right now in Asia is that they are actually going through their first running boom again again what the 60s and shorter and others goes came back from the Olympics, you know the government could do this up there going to their first and then spent especially like greater China you know they've never had our middle-class that you with giving a little more economy going in places like India and Southeast Asia and there are really giving much more of our middle-class that has a little bit more time on expendable income mentalist people are going well you have especially younger crowd barriers into tai chi because it the grandparents did appear instead is like a year they listen to you know we contributed to guys export operate in skids are going well what a tease about but I will have to do tai chi when I say amen you learn this stuff do you running all of that always seems that there going really show me enough so I went to China in the spring of this year and went tie one end into Hong Kong and I was able to teach a whole bunch of instructors over there and now I have regional directors in Singapore and Hong Kong and one that are currently heading up the show over there and it's wonderful to see the response are getting hysterical then I am really excited I've always said I think since I started this whole thing genius ago that if this takes us somewhere in Asia because I don't have to explain what it's about writers that are telling how to do it and it can what's happeningv and you know arguing exactly and I think I can years ago in greater China People's Republic there wasn't more than maybe 10 megatons a year now have conference dinner in just 10 years and huge crop year ends it's really booming everywhere all over Asia sertraline fun time to be over there in the morning yet have you noticed in the past 10 years or so that it a little bit less like swimming upstream in America it it seems like you are storing to open up in and appreciate that there is another side to this author and the deathly noticing the presence and awareness of people see that there is really something digging deeper into running to really make it better yet on and along with that of course is BM a decrease in our market share because everybody is getting on board even as well as I bought those running the once regular webinars like mainstream you and answer is really aware of technique and proper training and really be mindful about how you moment there are still huge shoes debates about alveolar you know your heelstrike a bit further, you know what ever you do so there's still lots and lots of many many more scientific studies showing that it's really valuable to pay attention technique so all that is bringing the awareness in as well you so you definitely noticed an increase in people wanting to learn how to run a and now when I saw it was like I had tell people you know you really do need and Eleanor Agostini to see how you will use of filaments to watch are I do think it's giving better it seems like a lot of Westerners did into running only the matter for performance but has a greater appreciation for running as a practice yes and I think that's a really cool change this just starting up is really doing is a practice and still not many people teaching as a practice I think we still cannot that bree was surrounded but it's really getting to be wonderful that way because you can see that both with walking and was running because the health crisis in our country more people are paying attention to okay I don't Wanna be a diabetic I don't Wanna be overweight I don't want you now have my joints for part of me had a 100 disease and arthritis and so seeing that this really is a practice for a reason and I Wanna enjoy my older years and so you also nowadays when I'm pitching a working class run coenzyme I'm just telling people you know the reason into practices so that you can actually have a choice and a say in your quality of life here on out you up that you will have a really good health for the rest you like start now start by moving learning how to move well not damaging your body healing well breathing rate you know all that stuff you'll be healthier than it sounds about right now one race for that was using or anything like that in fact since last time we talked it was a couple years ago I broke my foot so I couldn't all while had to drag analysis tells a direct and I realised how much I missed you your new strategy does things progress and then not doing it for a while I I saw how things can change to even in my own brain state that Intel's operating did I think it really reminded me how important it is to be giftedness to go out there and move because now I do it for the pure joy of it really did not racing for anything anymore but as a practice later this it's just its freedom is allowed anything about you know what I get intimately with people is that it's our really given our cultural right now and set up and just come in early election supply, is a stress reliever is really a great way to deal with stress because it gets you in your body are your head in a league you can actually relax and start to feel the ground underneath you and it's a good way both through his whole process of transition is going on in our country right now there is a pressing need is the opposite of the observed running the city driving growth in the country country I always enjoyed it was done myself is honestly trail running with men in the city on a highway to develop its that is at a real exercise and thus often present exactly the sort were some things that did people who are may have told themselves a heat running is that, thinks a measure of few people come yourself tell me that you are what you do about that if people coming to it with that mentality while somebody really hates running how I approach them is in a really can suspend your disbelief for one thing and that if you will learn to talk about running the best way to do this just tiny little increments tiny it's a huge learning curve if you're new know your health isn't good even sedentary anything like that so if such a big leap that most people go only to a can even imagine like giving signing yet and so what I've done is I've come up with a method in fact I just launched this last week its brand-new thing is, that she running school and what I've done is I've taken all the teaching that I've done over the last 15 years I cannot hold it down into a series of just one focus of the time one thing in your body the pay attention to it could be no more than just bending your arms and swinging in a more relaxed way how you want your fingers you manger scene I've come up with this school is still I have in broken up in the lessons is to use with the lessons delivered weekly for lessons yet Anna starts off at the beginning really simple just bending to file all week while that soaks there is a video lesson that comes along with each lesson video component and then there is an audio companion that you can downloaded your iPhone in your MP3 player when and take it with you as you go what parameters you go out on a worker so that we get to see what it is I'm trying to show you and then you get be talking through it so it like being in front of a class is nothing embarrassed with working on some of the other people you can work on this on your own and it also only doing one little tiny thing for a whole week and then the next week get another little tiny thing and so somebody hates running and I can get them to just do change one little tiny thing every week it adds up after not very many weeks you already can move an ongoing list feels that as I imagine because is actually telling me how to do it right from the get go out when people really see how much easier it is to move this curious Lego while the idea to use the lessons that this is pretty cultlike and I should be able to be an instructor by the time I finish this question arises whether people love it we have gotten so many letters back we had it going of the previous year but then we retool the reshaped and all the feedback from people now it really it's in a really nice little school package to going because it's e-learning Canada DIY learning is is taking off you can learn pretty much anything from anywhere as long as you find some of you can trust that that the that's a tough one but of daily is absolutely fantastic tour view that listening out there even if you heat running and have worked with them for second and in your figure out that there's a lot more to it because to me it sounds as the day he running sightseeing the heat move but would be imaginative and saying I hate writing it's likely this will recesses for you going to give you wiggles out and you can being asked to do not have to your legs like you not running even if you don't themselves is probably one of the best ways to go to drop away anything you want get balanced historical work all the stuff happens and I have to do is just go run around regularly and it's not a big cushioning is now competitive thing is that even a lot of muscle work prior year you build the muscle behind the nature of the that the true moving around their article legitimately in a while it's free trade even run barefoot University edition issues nowadays is another thing I want to mention in this interview is when I went to Ramo Chapman asked and remember this it was during our lunch break and I think a lot of people wonder why would you ever wanted the useless superpower in always am but while I was I was out on lunch break in front of ink that there was a men live use and is therefore reasonable 50s and he collapsed like rape right where I was ready for the parking that he had a massive hoard attack in southern the first thing I did is sprinted basically across the entire place from where I was to you guys were all having your lunch break because I knew that there was a good doctor there was also workshop and so I said that someone was probably having a attack the doctor comes running out and then another guy is just like I have an oxygen tank in my current apartment we also back over their and note the figure corridors want the hospital but we saw the newsletter that it will release it as wife, Collis's three angels after that like can anyone imagine a group of berries and blue run the network the fact that that speed was a factor in that situation I think that's does what life is if you find out of theirs I lost everything in a fire a few years ago and you have to move fast somebody need to have endurance race car breaks down you do get gas or something this is a skill that that we are quickly losing as a civilisation as people have succumbed to obesity in sickness and it's really important to maintain fitness in one way or another this is such a simple fun way to@1 for me when I something solid about the Francisco Bay Area is living out their yellow I would always travel with the pillow running shoes my truck because I never knew when the big was a breakup as this is quickness. In the West Coast rebels, but I figured that in the family 2530 miles with, running shoes and adapt the with my car is not going anywhere the week I was one of the maybe feel better about living by what you have something up your sleeve regular curriculum but more prepared to ask when you see this when you're running trimmer for the of America as before but not not really cast that that distance what you do as different muscles fatigue when it sought to create imbalances are well you have to make up for the goodness you make the adjustments before you muscles fatigue you plan ahead you refuel you take rest breaks but otherwise he do what I was talking about reuse other parts of your body to run with the site your legs and so then you can do that intentionally resting your legs while you still moving and then you can make sure you up with your fuelling make sure you get new carbs and and dehydration all that stuff so is this whole science of like balancing how I keep this body moving even when it really is every bone in my body was going is an applet but it's it's really you know what do I have that I can use and using that and really put everything else on the backburner letting it rest swelling are just minimally work right but hopefully you've done enough training and logger mileage runs in your training that you can really know how to use their went to see the need for this comes up yet it is also big difference between