BPM Zen Gem 6: The Importance of Meditation. Mindfulness and meditation in the City Centre of Leeds

And our lives in San Francisco so I don't count welcome to the show is one thing is the comet and this one minor correction I assume no longer the vice president the position forever. There was some years ago or you are to remove that from your bio because is lies being spread about you about your role the Internet and that actually leads me to ask you this question from today's episode which I'm sure everyone is scratching around about what is anthroposophical medicine so it was, listeners essentially means the wisdom of man which is pretty highfalutin: title bout it the best simplest lady described as embarrassed and the reason I nine by Rudolf Steiner is perhaps better known by his inauguration and founding of the Waldorf school movement which is the second-largest private school movement in the world now and biodynamic agriculture of which are you listening to something between five and 20% of the vineyards in Europe actually grow the grapes dynamically that CII actually treat our biodynamic wine as I have had a podcast about how you say is called all the world as style wine in which neither the filtration methods and the organic nature of love the way that the grapes grown actually a East is termed biodynamic farming so Steiner was not he was neither accurate nor never normally regards the schoolteacher enables things he was a philosopher to basically by training he was a pretty gifted guy the statement and said he came up with essentially a way of seeing the world and then he gave talks to different groups like physicians are gardeners and farmers are your schoolteachers and their went to the creation of these different applications of iso so anthroposophical medicine is just the same philosophy applied to the practice of medicine which which I have studied I would say to a large extent round sourdough because certain things that I don't exactly agree with these days it still has mainly its impact on the way I think about the world and you mentioned the three for clearance in the is a concept it's very central to okay, so that is like a holistic treatment of medicine in which you work your your current trying to treat not just the other the disease about the whole body with Abbey whether you are describing a anthroposophical medicine are in a way it's a more specific in their new Steiner varies Pacific philosophy about how the world is organised in the world including the player world and the human world and out of there and I can give examples if we were beginning to their are you you, with a sum now approaches to embarrassing or be you can actually understand why historically people used chamomile flowers stomachaches or things like that you take out of the realm of wellness people must don it by trial and error which is not the kind of a imaginative understanding of the world which Steiner in some ways recreated and so we can start to understand release from his point of view how the world is organised and therefore what we can do about it to make it better for Arsenal players and animals and everybody okay so so not enough to press this matter too much of the let's say I walk into your office and I have armed safety sinus infection how how would one be treated anthroposophical if something like a sinus infection in in in contrast like the alternative medical treatment of blood say on on that I can justly in a Thai histamine baryta grey cylinders to options I could I just read a lot of things that I would do or I can give an explanation of why would you think is more fun to do seven so in the worldview of Steiner in capacity the world of the players in the world of the human beings are organised in a threefold manner which is to say that your or the nerves your business is a severe and then you have that shower switches between the and the diaphragm which is a transitional of area so the head and then we have the and ones we have the metabolic reproductive system in below the diaphragm in other words the abdominal organs the metabolic system that the first thing to note about that is the client is is exactly the opposite so the roots which are and sensing wording of the client in a sense is always actually a similar unit carer: the whole player system in its job is to is to sense the environmentalism in the has a breathing and circulation which we call this term and the end of leaves correspond to the hard what I call the seeds and nuts group which is everything from tree nodes acorns announced that was the traditional seafood of Native Americans and then on up through more modern you know nine hybridised like ancestral even perennial grains and and so that's a whole separate group which in a week get proteins and fats from the first we get no carbohydrates in certain cyber and other nutrients from seeds and grains in all traditional people and some of the second group before returning to the third group will see for example I can pay little circles that grains and beans original the editor of the forbidden evils per your Newtonian those are part of an ancestral diet were saying is the senior category is part of an ancestral diet and only CCG including things like grains and teen wine beings and things like this, including things like nuts and seeds okay gadget is also what your take on grains are did you consider grains to be healthy to consider them to be like defence mechanisms of plans that are harmful to the digestive system what would you discover South Africa what you consider yourself to be, like the take unhealthy grains fundamentally 10 personally and with my patients and when I write about I would like people to be only everything but not everything like McDonald's and degenerate 20s Ray and the huge number of my patients I put on a cinema classic alien diet without grains because it helps them rehabilitate their health and there is specifically regard for so there is definitely a case to 2 people do grain free being three more classic alien diet and I do do their I do think though that when people are better than trying the traditional grains like Kmart and you know we week before was hybridised and traditional in a lukewarm there's at least a possibility for some people do okay at another I'm on the same page as you believe are you speaking at the Weston a Price foundation are conference away this year okay I'm be speaking there as well and I would say that enough from from the excellent side cookbook nourishing traditions to a lot of the teachings that are put up by the Weston a Price foundation mankind is on the same bandwagon as you are suppose in that if it's a real food that my great-grandparents were recognised for table Ali writes we have goats we do the milk from the goats and my wife purchases like a local red wheat berry like an IgM red wheat berry from the Appaloosa makes bread but at the same time you have run into a lot of people whose gates would be destroyed by even young rider from a goat or my wife sourdough bread because the guy leaky guys or get information from years of food abuse and so they have to eat like it like a restricted diet you like it but like appeal a autonomy and I had supplied that until we get to the point where the gutters, like being restored to level the work and handle the more intense workouts of of the digestive systems of speak so Yum on the same page as you were referred okay cause I got the first component being like why do you ancestral meet your your your animal meets your audience that mero almost everything is the second component being maize corn grains beans seeds nuts et cetera I and was the third component so in the third component is I think the one that is the most misunderstood especially by the alien community in the areas clearance meaning vegetables and fruit and a that it should be about 80% vegetables about 20% fruit and what I discovered from a living with the Swazis and even reading about it like uncle tending a while which is about the diet of Native American native Californians is that the traditional flat vegetable part of the diet included about hundred and 20 different players year in somewhere between 15 and 20 per day and all these hundred and 20 your file 1520 different types of plans per day day while of insoles or years ago and the plan types include three full when you know roots and leaves and flowers through includes all the different colours of red red vegetables green yellow cerebral white and wild vegetables perennial vegetables your vegetables all the different kinds of diversity about so being who I am with this paragraph not I decided 37 years ago with my gardening now the 15 to vegetables and day and perennials and 720 year and I can tell you that it was the shower area: unsuccessful because it's just hard to cook 15 vegetables is my gardening divide a mix array so but I kept plugging away in growing you know more perennial vegetables treat hours I see Tower Bridge in your RC KO are perennial walking you so and you know trader while vegetables foraging in its useless art it was doable all marble or people even from me in doable for me living in California having garden access is not doable for the masses by no means of immunity is not not doable from my get like that the label acquired Axa grants find out that dozens and dozens of different types of plastic you to print your body each day just too much time to waste time and even if it I convinced that perennial vegetables like treat hours or Archie, actually mind the soil they get more nutrients they have better defence mechanisms so they have better final nutrients and protective chemicals but if I told was what you mean perennials versus annuals have higher nutritional content and is there because the perennial finest incorrectly and and I'm not as much of a gardening ninja as my wife but these are the points that you planned on the continue to grow harvest year after year rather than needing to be replanted and so they grow more hardy and more nutritionally dense and hiring antioxidant content et cetera from your dear yes exactly right okay got any use a lot of use a lot of words and descriptions of plans there that I actually haven't ever needing to assume in the book but a war with specific perennial place that you found to be like extremely nutritionally dense like like the ED 20 of the vegetable world you like treat hours and this one, Ashi, which is on call tomorrow leave and one coal can own spinach annual vegetables arts are nutritious you know and especially when you're looking for different play parts routes leaves and flowers different colours et cetera the trick was to get all from all of that spectrum different colours different parts different growth habits annuals perennials all in a daily diet and most people just cant do it because it: D perennial vegetables there is no where to find them are now available in the Bay Area and so that was spent on well and I set out to solve is okay gardening and more talk about that will be like a figure to prepare like visual powers and things of that nature but I actually want to ask you about this one vegetable that you mention are sheet arbour I tell no one fascinating in the book can you explain what it would perennial visible Ashi Tarbert is in in-house ED in the and why you consider that to be one of the vegetables are usually devoted time to the book so Ashi Tarbert is called another word for is tomorrow leave is always interesting to look at these names of these different players because they often tell Salah in its indigenous to Japan and the Philippines but we have a growing gardening Al Qaeda every friend of mine also is growing in our for us in a player's gestures their living beings with their own story to tell so that Ashi Tarbert is a member of the Angelica family which is a famous cousin is and shall car part angelic which we burnout means the gift of the archangels to the Angels are it was a very revered plan in the middle middle Europe in the Middle Ages historically was the only medicine played in other infections and classic is is a relatively cousin of the Angelica Perkins is way too bitter to eat but Ashi Tarbert has a more salary like case so the first thing is it's guilty to a nutrient profile like manganese magnesium B6 and Sarah it's about twice as much or so then Kale so just of running a nutritional analysis using Morrisons in a tale is a that I have anything against scale very nutritious vegetable now I Ashi Tarbert answer that the first thing the second thing is is looking at the plan as a gesture in what I was a call tomorrow leave the reason is because of you cut off a stone tomorrow you'll have a news leaf growing in its place will instantly have this incredible vitality which means it is like a blizzard daily revenue tale so you can standard of summarily and tomorrow it is a newly so the question with that I would post Ashi Tarbert in Qatar in it does target its own way is how you do such amazing vitality and not get cancer like how you have such robust cell growth you are able to control because I was in a sense instantly and serious this in this yellow saponins down which has a chemotherapy drug units which release a if I was the plan that's what I would do I would say it's good to have good vitality of anything grow like crazy but you control so fully sell differentiating substance which is call our cow cones see HPLC many years into this town so my increased vitality goes into producing a new Ashi Tarbert with not a differentiated cancer while so when we eat the Ashi, leaf and stem which when we make powdery belief in the stone and we get this yellow fluid and actually your website and see the posing out of his yellow fluid from the stem someone giving people are increased vitality and the the the chemicals/energy to control this vitality into a healthy way and so that's an amazing player that's really cool you talked about one other one I think you said was, canal and spinach gathers another icon to narrow goblins otherwise known as Okinawan spinach then thou has a different story to tell now what is more of a biochemical story because it has a substance in it which produces an almost identical as a diabetic drug called Metformin which means it helps with the metabolic syndrome and lowers blood sugar all the things we try to do with a low carbohydrate diet and get them all for low carbohydrate diets by when you Okinawan spinach you're protecting yourself against essentially you know the metabolic syndrome so one could also say what taxes take chemotherapy drugs and wire eight Metformin you're my whole career has been saying with this theory I do not like improvement but I certainly believe it you're always better eating Ashi Tarbert work to narrow then you are taking Metformin or no chemotherapy vincristine has no side effects produces more more help reducing rather than having a toxicity so I would much rather give my patients know spinach is a diabetic medicine along with low carbohydrate diets ever engines and the drug metformin but when you concentrate something is good from appliance sometimes allows you to get more of their concentrated chemical the new would ever be like physically be able to to get from tailoring damaged yourself roaming like like wine for example Erato was really good for you but you have to drink copious amounts of wine is a branch of acetaldehyde and an ammonia byproduct and all sorts of nasty stuff to be a to get all that you could drag it from Redgrave speed up the copious amounts of fructose sure is to be avoided to get as much resveratrol as you Wanna get if you hadn't liked concentrated that resveratrol is like a sub manner are Sort of like that would you draw wine and in terms of weight choosing to do the hall plan food versus the extract from the plan you disagree question the answer is adapter because I treat people with diabetes is fairly simple we do the diet and an generic Anders are other players that have similar factors if that works with and if it doesn't we have to think about Metformin or some other non-alcoholic gases are some other concentrated billing to nest never the first action okay gardening your now what about the actual nutritional density of summaries vegetables that you talk about I continue, compare and contrast the the density and in why the density would be greater in C wider are you not the traditional what you call a food forest versus our modern agricultural what is a traditional food force and how is it different from the way we did a lot of pleasant vegetables nowadays grey which gets into this question of why think of Helio people are have the vegetable part rather so again they have a local riding received arrived the nuts and seeds the players are supposed to be 15 and 2920 year and perennials et cetera and you feel your people now eating you know broccoli and romaine lettuce as the two main festivals which neither of which were even around before 1800s are Helio foods those are minor and hybridised) is a mono grocery absolutely when it was first created hybridised but in in the Helio so it's so broccoli is like a food has been generically created genetically modified is and hybridised in the traditional way that you know when breeding may select a plan to integrate, new player right against array create roaming is planning a garden and we grow and sell as powders so the first thing always looking for to be detained for tomorrow the sounds you know which I love beads that have been around for thousands of years the same varieties we look for no hope people will pumpkins there are you know I always figure the Native Americans made the most about gives pumpkins include those inner powders as opposed to minor in selected, gives a nutritional density is stronger and sadder and then to get to your question in modern agriculture is about choosing the varieties that work the best for modern processing and you know in my cropping which creates disease problems and lowers nutrient density and what you really want do is grow the the most nutrient dense which are the most flavorful and most nutritious and the hard years anyone grow them in groups so that they are help each other do as well as possible so you you would take a bunch of wild plans that you've researched to the players that that haven't necessarily been bred for sea -like sweetness or high yield crab beauty and perhaps like the ugly versions of wild plan to hunt down these these perennials are you talk about in your book you client those in a garden or on your patio and my girl again of radical power structures and like that and you decide them all together is that helping each other to grow yes you it's not like you have to go out and about the while wondering there's actually people do their and you know you can grow a whole variety of ways yes you are exactly right you know best that that's way of the future of gardening for taste and nutrient density ease of storage and because it has more sugar than the other is the crazy thing is that you don't notice until you start using real wild plans house sweets I like the more modern plans are every day from kilted Tamino is likely actually last night and I'd maybe did this because subconsciously and I was in the interviewing you today I took my kids on a plan forging walk in you and I know that not only listening and as your access to to nature at backyard at the front door like I do but we went out and we we got a bunch of greens to make the salad so we found a spot where the deer had been batting in the giant stocks of wild metal hull by thereby were the dual betting is a deal of blooded that you need to know also we weaker Hall plastic bag for the narrower we had another little will participate with us that we stand with you we could watch a plantain I told my kids to grab all the plantain the bin shooed it by the insects because it rereleases in nearby Art Centre is like a defence mechanism when spent even by predators and sweep your plantain and narrow enemy gathered a bunch of our wild mint dial which it which has like a bittersweet flavour compared to your site did the peppermint that you'll find grown-up or sore that it's like to the grocery store meter, back in we trust it with that with avocado oil and then we had some salt and will be a raw honey and some sincerity is in some pumpkin seeds and and made a salad but you could taste when you eat the salad that city into it on the psyche of the salad more slowly because it doesn't taste as a sweet silicon iceberg lettuce aroma admirer Sri Lanka a modern kale salad but the nutrition density is is through the roof the antioxidant density is through the roof when you're eating like a wild plan like that the cool thing that I like is that I did do thing I like and I case we didn't go to go to the garden or anything like that which is what of forest were all this stuff was growing for us without even without us even only 2 to 10 day or 2 to care for and so it is mind boggling and not only how simple it can be to the fortress and these players but also how much more nutritionally dense and how much more like a like bidder unless the Swede must pretty they actually are us it's exactly cyber then you can recreate that you can do do the you can also recreate that was certainly stand in a garden setting and then you make it actually doable for people these days to have access to the kind of diversity that you had last night and what I wrote to Brazil because I know you have special methods of cream like Disney's plaid powders that you've hinted at a couple of times and I've tried some of those as well and even arresting the book thrown at a major honour will pick your brain about that in a little bit but will also delve into the energy of some of these clients like I I try personally to eat plates as fresh as possible latterly been exposed talk to wavelengths of light from the sign after they've been kind of up simple church so to speak we with energy from from the planet and from from the signing of an index posted to negative ions outside of this type of thing but there the results of this concept the you to some extent what actually protects plans from from excessive weight can you get into how lights whether you too much like a trivial light affects the energy of the food here is a very complicated subject that I wouldn't case you say an expert on that I under some interesting research on different clients that some have higher enough micronutrients and Thai accidents if you eat them right away and some only have art if you leave them say setting out for 12 hours, Mideast in the refrigerator and you and try to incorporate all the information a in my life in BNR in our making of these powers or when I one important like powders arm from from you for example the team in very dark charts like what I think you, my Rondo is can you explain why that is your NAS is crucial to what your just say to making is viable because the problem was so we Britons will take aerial and arterial to me does the best s railway and if you play until steaming for about 1 to 3 minutes which breaks down the cellulose and makes it the new trains more bioavailable so. The squarish area or steamer and then right away we dehydrate and then right away after its dehydrate we put it into a car and nursery pronunciations was abusing my riding some people seem mere endure and these were charged that are seemingly around since the pyramids massively speak artwork they found oil renown that was actually are fresh out of thousands of years in this Swiss company reverse engineered the end of deep purple in a certain thickness and they only let very specific wavelengths of why you special UVA and the story is that therefore normally do things not degrading mirror but they get more energised along the standards are we decided care believe anything someone is tested out so our last year we quick to identical more or less cherry Tamino is one in a mason jar in one and your edges could the calorie location and into monster were limited in the mason jar was almost a new normal the seller and in six months the wine and beer jar you could still units purchase photo of that on your website and the one in the glass charges the regular glass jar which frankly like a lot of people listening and know you not suppose the source of supply seconds of the story might is mason glass jars but to me in the glass jar is enormous social rotten and the Tamino in this meal in the second violet black tie the glass it seems to be like like like a plump fresh red Tamino you mention you mentioned that that's because the mere unlike what's in that the UVA rays also attend our our infrared rays so that that's somehow blocking excessive UVB radiation or excessive wavelengths of light that might cause something to to age more accessible exactly blocks out the UVB in the UVC which only degeneration ageing frequencies and so it basically our only light I don't know this is exactly true, hope is the more the longer you keep are better regards I have things no doubt that Indians are like mint powder or horseradish powder or its smell exactly the same goes the day that we could in the jar may be not quite as strong now somehow is that the smell goes away well some partners seem to just they just stay there for years and so that was a really key part of me being behind doing vegetable powders because if and Jared are now worth doing now what about I whether or not the vegetable specifically has been our has been cooked versus whether it's raw what your take on that because all of your a lot of times folks also want only raw vegetables because there are the more difficult digestive system other people say that that our cooking will reduce the nutrient density of the vegetable what's your take on the whole raw versus cooked debate when it comes to clients so my the thing that I believe in most deeply is my own experience of taste and smell of the food I you I think it's fine to do nutrient analysis et cetera but I want to eat the food looks the best taste the best and smell so that the country's rise depending on the vegetable so for instance kale if you kill versus if you blanch it for about a minute or two it gets greener and sweeter because it's breaking down the cellulose and making the known as a player medicines for the heart resembles digitalis is actually from the leaf and the stem so you can see that when you give a leaf and stem preparation it improves people's breathing and circulation i.e. digitalis as an example did what what is digitalis digitalis is a is a conventional medicine has been used as the primary heart medicine for hundreds of years and it's basically only preparation okay second from the leaf standing area of the planned and were saying is that because as the middle part of the plaid that some medicine that you would apply towards the middle part of the human like the breathing circulation ones/portion of human exactly it was so you can also choral course in the different functions of the nerve system that had is supposed to be clear and cool and still wears the metabolic which is also correlated with the lymph system is where the heat any activity and et cetera come from even have three different are the three followers of the human being like the cerebrospinal fluid is crystalline is still unclear and the nervous system and we have provided the heart of the enemy (which is no for proteins and salt group therapies in the metabolic system Castle when somebody has a sinus infection and philosophical point of view they have too much metabolism in their is supposed to be clear and cool and still in is a saintly blog believe me spend an entire day moving your head back and for all and obviously that doesn't feel good because doesn't like movement and it doesn't like passing doesn't like sulphurous and wedding when the happens for instance we call a sinus infection so you have to do essentially move the energy out into the metabolism and you can do that with a a medicine for an instant that stimulates the bile bile flow essentially makes things move down and clearance to the client is supposed to be or the so-called imaginary or require should be equal in those three spheres in which the colour should be in the flowers to Caro being an individual with a unique personality serves no I'm not going to put the collar in the flower like a normal and all the coloured in the roots and put all my say collar energy metabolic energy into the roots which number one allows you predict some interesting things like the colour of the care flower is currently white wine because the culprit is in the room that somewhat colour are zero everyone, including the flowers here that it's a good point in in although what about you in in to play doubles added to much abroad about client you like I have organ grape growing outside my house which has dark orangeish yellow routes very much like and so is modified it acts biochemically about we would some of the goldenseal American be observant records and Susan things like that but do the group itself and in the leaves are like dark green and the great is like a twig bluish purple and United seems call for both on top and done below as well have you correlate out to the fact that like a carrot has a white flower below the colourful route, like there is a great question by saying the player has decided to do collar everywhere of the players are like their own special beings which we have to learn to read the book of nature we are to protest that the Java of adapter as far as I can see so their clients is telling you essentially I'm all about colour LUL by colour, put my collar in even you in every part of the plan you really know and are supposed to be cold like the roots so you might end up with a player it actually addresses you know because colours are suggest there is an time flavoured Tory role you we know even the chemicals that are correlated with these colours so that might have an airtight inflammatory role for the entire human being which organ grape to certain extent interesting sentence would be very powerful planned suicide at the top or in the order answered by for the client being good for a humans night like head upper body area the the middle part of a plan with you doctor with the leaves and the stems and things like that being potentially good for our Unite like that the heart and the ones in areas like that now what about war that the human that you brought up like like the like the reproductive spear that you know that the gonads in the area down the crotchet what area of the planet would be good for that section at the very top area you saw the burial were talking about flowers routes and were talking about seeds in the typing maybe even about the oil seeds and so the player makes oil usually in the seeds which is the warming part of the client generates warmth which is the abdomen which is why no Japanese belong there the barn on their account to keep your head warm like that right there being one of the things called on the abdomen to keep the abdomen more we use high camp versus Castor oil acts taxonomy abdomen and a cool air con and not the other way around's correlating with the coldness of the route and the warmth of the flower in the sea interesting no-no you get into the stuffing in pretty hard-core detail in your book the forceful party killings are correct yes okay cool only dad I want to my next list to represent as you was a little bit about how planets like an upsidedown human and in this book that I read that they are given the impetus to get your machine today the how and why the more vegetables book but enjoys fascinating concert tickets it it sounds a bit Wu but it it does make sense in that you know we'd be talk about what is accorded the signature of nature warmer to good Fuhrer brain avocado is a good your testicles your nature uses clues like celery and carrot I suppose of that they can be good for your corrections and then there's all sorts of interesting clues that nature gives us and I suppose it has a scar like an extension of that super interesting so in in terms of where you got started looking in other slots back up a little bit you spent a lot of time in Africa are learning a little bit about how how traditional ancestral cultures eat over there were what brought you over to Africa in the first place you know it was basically out on this Sega II to be adapter and I didn't like it they don't like how medicine was practised in my how they firing like the philosophy of seller so as soon as I could graduate from college and get out of there I wanted to do something to see if I could do something besides being a doctor I was already very interested in food so I decided to join the Peace Corps and teach gardening in Africa and that's how I ended up in slot so you you at a point yellow the back running gardening to garlic teach gardening arthritis a little bit I was there, one of my students actor excellent and extremely that I was never really a town was village was really brilliant only other expatriate person within 50 miles actually was a refugee from a biodynamic gardening in Rhodesia and so the first real gardening idea was dynamics with interesting okay gala so so you also mentioned that you were rooms to be a doctor what you mean by the parents father was then as in most of your friends without losing it was always like our reasonably adapter without really asking me because I, but I doubt the blind from the okay so to use my couple years in Africa living with with what the Swazi family with the Swazi family slowly learning extended families over the family environment with this he was the chief of the village and the interesting many remarkable decisions only have one wife which consisted that's not on & work with them and basically ate with most time for the two years I was there and saw I really had first-hand knowledge of what a traditional diet really looks like, that was a a very modified traditional diet, a really what I recall ancestral diet does the components were still there what were the components while I my contention is that on the components if you looking whether it's a failure or in western Christ whenever three full groups if you want diagram of the first is Errol foods which are all fat local you know wild fish rearranged Buffalo insects grows earnings is whatever you can get local full fat are properly grown et cetera and I would also contended because of a lot of factors we now have similar animal products as traditional people do you grass fed meat while finishing her quite as good as thousand years ago but it's pretty good is an sale stimulates the bile looks like bile and its insignificant dark orangeish colour orange bitters fluid which stimulates the drainage into of Chinese medicine they say you dreams while you drain the of the sticky metabolic fluid in your which is what we call sinus infection and that restores balance which is essentially the definition of health interesting okay so free so if we follow this analogy of a point being kind of like an upsidedown human what you're saying is the mill profile about the middle part of the human the lower part of the plan which should be like the roots would be the part of the planet there would be most beneficial for like the upper part of the human elected the head or the neck area and I would be light rail underground roots to broadside I guess even what about things like carrots and potatoes and things like that would those be considered nourishing for the ahead writing effect that comes out in science learning medicine for instance we everybody knows everybody by that you eat carrots to nurture arts as