The New Fitness Sensation That's Taking Over 2017! Steroid-FREE Personal Training!

We do not do bodybuilding at BPM ... as there is no such thing as natural bodybuilding.

There are gym users and there are drug users. It's long overdue that the bullshit fraud that is the fitness industry stopped conning people.

This is well known in the fitness community and is becoming increasingly so outside of. If people want to bodybuild, that's their business, but when Fitness Professionals do it and sell their 'expertise' upon it, it's fraud. This is something about which we at BPM feel very strongly. BPM are going to be on the frontline in bringing this major public health issue into line with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Cyprus; all of whom see the danger to public health and allocate monies and preventative programmes accordingly.Chris Hemsworth_copy

Fitness has been stolen by bodybuilding. Time to reclaim it. ..(and stop people dying young).

Trolls, a request:

I do expect to receive opposition from bodybuilders for affronting their values in this way. Please note though that I still keep in touch to a degree with anti-doping labs around thew world with whom I've worked previously. My aim is not actually to change your ways. My aim is to ensure large organisations and the media are not able to promote physiques designed by dangerous chemicals. If persistently trolling me though you will be forcing me to request a test from you at random anytime over the next 5 years. Please note this will be a carbon isotope ratio test (i.e. the one that catches people) and not a T/E test. I presume that if you are a bodybuilder, you will refuse, a point about which I will be very public. These drugs are dangerous; adults can make more informed choices but impressionable teenagers need to educated as such. Please allow me to bring this to the fore without trolling.