Brazilian Samba Lessons at BPM !! Weds evenings are party time!

We're really excited that Thalita from Leeds Samba is starting Samba lessons at BPM !!

Not only that but straight after each lesson, drum maestro, Gez is holding drum lessons !!

It's going to be a proper party atmosphere too with LOUD drumming, and you can grab a bite too!

Check them out at or on Facebook at

Wednesday evenings

7.30 to 8.30pm Brazilian Samba

8.15 to 10pm Samba percussion drumming

One session is £7 or £9 for both

or monthly £22 for one session or £28 for both.

Up to 5 BPM members can attend the Samba class free of charge; however the nature of drumming teaching works best if people pay and attend regularly (so payment applies to all BPM members also).

Get hold of Thalita on thalita.bento @

or Gez on gezgez @

See you there!

Brazilian Samba and drumming classes in central Leeds