Awesome new software to take your fitness up to a whole new level!

Hi BPM-ers

We've introduced 2 very useful new pieces of software to maximise your time and efficiency when it comes to training. Jon is a Sports Scientist by trade which in like-for-like terms is 30x the technical expertise of the most advanced Personal Trainer, so we'll walk you through it so you know how to get the best out of it. We'll set programs up for you and it's fairly straightforward.

Trainerize is the workout planner/tracker.


Evolution Nutrition is the meal planner/tracker.

Many Personal Trainers charge around £50 per month for these apps...that's £50 each....we think that's bang out of order. We're charging £3 for 1 or £4 for the combo. The reason is simply that we'll cover our costs and it allows people to get maximum results from a membership.

So for that you get:

1) tailored programmes for weight loss, strength or weight loss and strength combined

2) tailored nutritional plans to fit your lifestyle and targets

3) close quarter tracking and ongoing advice from a Sports Scientist (30x the technical expertise of the most advanced Personal Trainer...did I say that already??).. so no BS and gimmicky routines that you might find from the steroidal/surgically-enhanced in Men's Health or Jillian Michaels etc

4) ongoing body stats tracking including bodyfat, body composition of lean tissue vs fat tissue, BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure, lung function (through oximetry).

Quite possibly the Sale-of-the-Century. To get cracking, please email Jon on jon @ bpmbikelab .com. (No contracts).

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